AnyClip for Advertisers

WeaVo™ Personalized Video Ad Campaigns

AnyClip’s metadata-enriched content library contains more than a million video clips from leading studios and sports teams. Its groundbreaking WeaVo™ solution enables advertisers to automatically infuse this content into ads that share a brand sentiment, transforming a single creative into an unlimited number of personalized ads, each designed to resonate with an individual consumer.

WeaVo™ also lowers the barrier of entry to video by allowing advertisers with no video assets to transform radio or display ads into content-based video ads.

AnyClip’s Sense & Match™ Smart Recommendation Engine predicts what content will engage individual consumers, and then serves them the right content-driven ad, on the right platform, at the right time.


  • Unlimited Number of Personalized Creatives
  • Premium Content at No Cost
  • Unprecedented Consumer Targeting
  • Significantly Higher User Engagement KPIs
  • Better Brand Uplift
  • Virtually Endless Campaign Lifespan

Four-Step Personalization Process

  • 1

    Campaign Setup

    Advertiser submits a brief with campaign goals, a required brand message, and target audiences.

  • 2

    WeaVo Engine

    A patent-pending technology turns any creative into many content-based video ads, designed to resonate with specific demographics.

  • 3


    Consumer Targeting

    AnyClip runs the campaign and serves video ads to target audience on premium websites.

  • 4

    Real-Time Optimization

    The campaign is monitored. Creatives are dynamically optimized in real time to ensure high engagement.

Why AnyClip

  • Content

    AnyClip is the only advertising technology partner with licensing rights for premium content.

  • Innovation

    A proprietary weaving engine scalably blends ads with matching content, instantly transforming one ad into dozens.

  • Data

    AnyClip has compiled first-party data on more than 1 million clips.

  • Collaboration

    AnyClip collaborates closely with creative teams at brands and agencies to add the beauty of human perspective to the precision of automation.

  • Brand Safety

    Ads are placed with premium content in a fully brand-safe environment.

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