Content Owners

AnyClip Premium Content Network (PCN) – A New Way To Maximize Your Assets

AnyClip enables premium content owners such as movie studios, broadcasters and sports teams and leagues to breathe new life into content by monetizing it online.

AnyClip’s Artificial Intelligence (AI) engine cuts long-form video content into short clips. It then tags, analyzes, and categorizes each clip according to advertising categories. The scenes are then syndicated across an exclusive Premium Content Network (PCN), a walled garden of safe, positive and targeted premium video content at scale. Through relationships with the world’s largest advertisers, access to tens of thousands of websites (with tens of millions of users) and the technology to allow advertisers to target premium content while addressing their brand safety concerns, AnyClip guarantees large-scale monetization and a significant new revenue stream for content owners.

Additionally, AnyClip eliminates the risks associated with traditional content licensing models by providing full visibility and control over where and how your content is monetized and viewed.

Monetization Process

  • Monetization Agreement

    AnyClip onboards premium video content from content owners.

  • Artificial Intelligence Engine

    The AnyClip's AI engine cuts the content into shorter clips and adds a rich metadata layer to each clip.

  • Syndication

    AnyClip and strategic syndication partners distribute the content to tens of thousands of websites (reaching tens of millions of users) in an exclusive Premium Content Network (PCN).

  • Monetization

    AnyClip monetizes the content through relationships with the world’s leading brands, agencies, and demand platforms who desperately need -- and are willing to pay a premium for - a way to target safe and positive premium content.

  • Rev-Share

    Revenues generated from advertising campaigns are shared with the content owner.

Premium Content Network (PCN) Monetization Benefits

  • Better Monetization
    Advertisers pay a premium for safe, tagged, categorized and targeted premium content.
  • A Piece of the Ad Revenue Pie
    Capitalize on exponential digital video market growth.
  • Boost Other Revenue Streams
    Reach new audiences and indirectly promote movies and merchandise sales.
  • Stay In The Driver’s Seat
    Stay in control with 100% verified sites, black site lists, and transparent reporting.
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