AnyClip for Content Owners

Disruptive Video Content Monetization Solutions

AnyClip enables premium content owners to capitalize on the growth in digital video advertising by repurposing existing content for personalized advertising. It also leverages patent-pending deep learning technology to create rich metadata for additional video discovery, personalization and monetization.

Monetization Through WeaVo™ Personalized Video Ads

  • 1

    License Agreement

    AnyClip licenses premium video content from content owners.

  • 2

    Content Processed

    Smart Video Tagging Technology adds thousands of data points to form a rich layer of metadata.

  • 3

    Ad Weaving WeaVo™

    Engine weaves content and ads with a shared sentiment.

  • 4

    Consumer Targeting

    Sense & Match™ Smart Recommendation Engine serves personalized content-based ads to target audiences.

  • 5

    Rev Share

    Revenue generated from advertising campaign is shared with content owner.

Monetization Through Smart Video Tagging

Content owners and broadcasters are increasingly attempting to tag their content libraries and insert relevant ads in the right commercial spots, but manual tagging is expensive, time-consuming, and often unreliable.

A fully automated and scalable solution utilizes a proprietary Artificial Intelligence engine to produce a rich layer of metadata with thousands of tags for hours of video within minutes, not weeks. Tags include not only objects but overall scene sentiment and advertising category too.

AnyClip enables content owners to save time and money and better monetize their content by using this robust metadata layer to improve the relevance of advertising to their content.

The new data and improved advertising accuracy extends to linear TV, online, gaming and OTT, and the data powers content statistics, recommendation engines, viewer behavior analysis, faster video editing, and better search.

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