Join AnyClip’s Premium Content Network (PCN)

AnyClip’s Premium Content Network (PCN) is a first-of-its-kind walled garden of safe, positive, and targeted premium video content. The PCN enables publishers to instantly obtain premium Hollywood and Sports content for free and better monetize video through AnyClip’s relationship with leading advertisers.

PCN advertisers include brands, agencies and demand platforms, all willing to pay a premium for tagged, categorized and targeted premium content. This ensures that publishers monetize their original content, as well as new content obtained through the PCN, significantly driving higher fill-rates, CPMs and overall revenue for publishers.

How It Works

AnyClip leverages proprietary deep learning and image recognition technology to automatically tag, analyze and categorize publishers’ video content. When publishers provide AnyClip their video inventory, each advertising opportunity is classified by the adjacent content’s underlying IAB advertising category, packaged with other similar opportunities, and offered to advertisers, allowing them to place ads before or after highly targeted and brand-safe premium content that is perfectly aligned with their brand sentiment and message. Content data is also shared with the publisher.

Benefits of ‘Premiumizing’ Your Content on Our Premium Content Network (PCN)

  • Higher Yield
    Publishers who join the PCN enjoy higher CPMs because advertisers are willing to invest heavily in in safe, tagged, categorized and targeted premium content.
  • Better Fill Rate
    The PCN provides immediate access to the world’s leading brands, agencies and demand platforms. AnyClip’s Content Monetization Platform and video analysis and data enable more efficient selling of inventory and higher fill rates.
  • Brand Safety
    A unique AI-driven brand safety filter scans every video frame and enables the PCN to guarantee 100% Brand Safety to advertisers.

Monetize with AnyClip’s Advanced Players

AnyClip enables publishers to place a video player and monetize through existing relationships with premium demand – agencies direct, as well as programmatic pathways.

  • Pre-Roll
  • Mid-Roll
  • Post-Roll ads
  • All ad formats (flash+html) and lengths supported
  • Ads integrate with publisher content or AnyClip content

Generate new revenue stream

  • High CPMs
  • Additional revenue does not replace existing ad placements
  • Flexible
  • Responsive size
  • Custom size on any page
  • Custom location on any page (based on user experience requirements)
  • Multi-device

Better User Experience

  • Minimum latency (bid takes place as page loads)
  • Non-intrusive – In-Read plays only in-view and is muted (mouse-over sound)
  • Light HTML 5 player provides smooth opening/closing and smoother experience on page
  • Sense & Match™ technology serves relevant ads to users
  • Quality video demand from top brands and trading desks
  • Programmatic campaign optimization
  • High CPMs and fill rate
  • Minimum loading time
  • Superior ad quality control
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