How the Rise of Ad Blocking will Save Online Advertising from Itself

By AnyClip January 14, 2017

This year’s most talked about, controversial ad tech topic has caught the digital advertising world in a bit of a moral dilemma – Ad Blockers.

Advertisers aren’t getting to consumers because ads are being blocked. Consumers are blocking ads because they find them to irrelevant, repetitive, intrusive or heavy on the data… And publishers are serving ads that are not suited to their environment to raise STR (it’s not just about user), which kicks the cycle along

It’s clear that advertisers and publishers are both being negatively affected by ad blocking. However, in a world overrun with consumers with a new wave of choice, the use of ad blocking worldwide is inevitably on the increase.

Thousands of conversations must be taking place right now in order to discover how to technically get around this problem. But it’s time to acknowledge that ad blockers are not the problem; they are simply the symptomatic of users failing to understand the value exchange between content consumption and ad exposure.

Instead of focusing on ways to circumvent this challenge, we need to tackle the core of the issue- do something about the ads that aren’t cool, and give the consumers an experience that leads them understand their action and not block ads.

We do create ads people actually like, and sometimes want to watch.

We do target specific audiences based on their interests.

But we don’t create ads that are dynamic and captivating to individuals.

What if we knew we could use ads to ADD to the consumer experience, instead of detracting from it?

As an industry, it’s time we face the future: we must simply make ad content fun again.