Takeaways from DMEXCO, 2019

By Nadav Dray September 18, 2019

We had a great week in Cologne Germany last week, meeting with publishers, marketers, agencies, and technology partners at DMEXCO, 2019.  What was buzzing at this year’s show?

AnyClip VP Operations, Nadav Dray, checks out a booth at DMEXCO, 2019

        • Refreshing Diversity – Unlike other events targeted to media executives that cost thousands of dollars to attend, DMEXCO offers an affordable forum for any person in our industry to meet up and exchange ideas. Within this context, we noticed that what used to be a local market event is now clearly emerging as a significant global stage. We encountered many international participants this year, meeting people from the US, Canada, Asia, Africa and Australia to attend this growing global conference.
        • Video – Media companies everywhere are still significantly challenged by video. Publishers try so hard to build an in-house solution or to license one from third-party tech and content providers. While the player tech is a commodity, so many publishers out there are lacking the content and the know-how to best engage their audience with videos. The situation in Europe is even harder given how many languages are spoken in that market. With no exception, every publisher we spoke to at the show is looking to execute or improve their video strategy.
        • Stealing Share From Google, Amazon & Facebook  – Four of Germany’s largest publishers banded together earlier this year to pool inventory and redirect ad investment away from Google, Amazon and Facebook platforms and back into their businesses. Momentum appears to be building as the newly-formed Alliance gains traction. (Personal note on this: well done!). It will be interesting to see where this leads, how the Alliance will affect the German media biz in 2020 and if and when publishers in other markets will follow suit.
        • Ad Block – The European market is treating ad block sessions a bit differently than what we’re seeing here in the US. Major publishers are seeing only about 15% adblock rate and seem to be more open to overriding users’ adblock sessions with anti-adblock solutions.

It’s been a great week. We’re thankful for the opportunity to speak with more of our customers and partners and to learn more about our Luminous platform can better support media companies’ needs, no matter where they’re located.  See you soon!

Nadav Dray, VP Operations and Sascha Weis, VP Global Sales