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5 Tips for Increasing Your Revenue Stream as a Publisher

Written by Rebecca Rozakis August 8, 2022

Video is potent in and of itself—more likely than any other kind of content to keep users on-site. But with the right tools, its power can increase exponentially. Below, you’ll find five tips to boost your revenue stream using AnyClip’s Visual Intelligence technology.

1) Get your content in front of the people who want to see it

Google has slowed its phase-out of cookies, but 2024 will be here sooner than you think. It’s important that publishers find an alternative now, before the old model is overturned entirely. This is where contextual targeting comes in. By automatically tagging every frame of your content library, AnyClip allows advertisers to reach a more receptive audience—people who are already engaging with similar content, and thus much more receptive to what they’re selling. It’s the best of both worlds: consumer identity is protected, and advertisers pay a premium to reach a more engaged audience. Publishers, meanwhile, get to reap new value from their pre-existing content libraries, as older, neglected clips are resurfaced and monetized.

2) Make life easier for advertisers

In 2021, advertisers are understandably cautious: run the wrong ad in the wrong place and you risk becoming a trending topic. With AnyClip’s brand safety features, you can put advertisers at ease by offering total control over how and where their content is used. If a brand doesn’t want to appear next to profanity, or certain hot-button topics, or even just their own competitors, AnyClip can guarantee that they won’t; our technology knows precisely what’s in your videos and will automate the process accordingly. The end-result is that your inventory becomes even more valuable to brands, because they won’t have to worry about where their ads will end up.

3) Make the most of your old content

The first impulse of many publishers, when trying to boost revenue, is to spend lavishly on new content. What this neglects is the untapped potential of the content you have already. Newness matters less to consumers than relevance—and the odds are, many of your old videos are still highly relevant. AnyClip plucks these videos from obscurity and places them on relevant pages of your website—keeping readers on-site for longer and allowing you to earn new ad revenue from old material.

4) Implement a floating mobile bar player

The numbers on this one speak for themselves: our floating mobile bar player has been shown to increase average CPM lift by 119%, triple viewability lift, and more than quadruple average daily revenue. It offers countless extra chances per day to hook viewers and keep them engaging with your content.

5) Syndicate your content (or syndicate others’ content)

Want more eyes on your videos? AnyClip makes it easy to lease your work out to our wide array of top-tier partners. And if you’re low on content and want to keep consumers on-site for longer, AnyClip also makes it easy to syndicate content from other websites.

Actually building a content library is the hard part, and most established publishers have already taken care of that. But left to fend for itself, that content can easily languish—unwatched and unmonetized. AnyClip offers countless ways to ensure that all of your content continues to attract eyeballs and ad dollars, without any extra work on your part. Why not experiment?

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