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AnyClip’s AI-Powered Video Experience Now Accessible on Microsoft SharePoint

Written by AnyClip 8/2/2023September 28th, 2023

SharePoint, Microsoft’s web-based collaboration and document management platform, traditionally served as a centralized hub for teams to collaborate, share files, and access vital information. However, videos within SharePoint were treated as ordinary file types, limiting search capabilities to content titles and partial content tags. Furthermore, videos were archived as standalone objects without immersive streaming experiences, hindering organized viewing and collaboration among global teams.

Today, The Visual Intelligence Company™, AnyClip, has revealed that its AI-powered Genius video platform is integrated with SharePoint. This integration allows for instant organization, searchability, and collaboration of video for SharePoint users, fully transforming the potential of video—accessible through a single log-in.

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Workplace Efficiency, Automation, and Collaboration With Smart Video in SharePoint

AnyClip’s Genius video platform, instantly analyzes videos frame-by-frame including keywords, text, speakers, actions, sentiments, proprietary taxonomies, and more—bringing to video the power once reserved for text. With metadata being extracted from every video, vast amounts of information are now organized, bringing efficiency, automation, and collaboration to the forefront of the digital workspace.

Additionally, every video is transcribed and translated into any given language allowing information to be instantly obtained using AnyClip’s multi-language search engine—surfacing content beyond just title, but within the exact moment inside the video. Furthermore, the platform’s proprietary AI enables automation by producing video highlights, descriptions, and summaries of salient moments of every content. With in-video commenting, internal teams can seamlessly collaborate through exact timelines in the videos on a unified platform.

Today, the ability to leverage AnyClip’s advanced video solutions is available through SharePoint for global users, to access a new way to gain company wide knowledge and communicate with internal teams.

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Key Plugins Available on SharePoint via AnyClip’s Genius Platform
  • Watch Experience Embed | Access a Netflix-like, smart, on-demand, company video portal in SharePoint. Through AnyClip’s AI, videos are automatically tagged, organized and searchable. Additionally, all videos are translated into 200+ languages, highlighted, and chaptered for ease of use.
  • Distribute videos | Export videos from SharePoint into AnyClip’s Genius Platform, then share any content directly to the c ompanies’ websites and social media.
  • Playlist Embed | Access a select playlist from AnyClip’s Watch experience and view in SharePoint.
  • Integrated Search | Surface company videos using the SharePoint search bar by leveraging AnyClip’s unique video metadata.
  • Live Embed | Access the AnyClip live event player in SharePoint and give events life-after-live as VOD content, for further scale.
AnyClip Paves Way for the Future of Video Management in SharePoint

The integration of AnyClip’s AI-powered video experience within SharePoint sets a new standard for video, enabling enterprises to improve efficiency, streamline workflows, and foster knowledge sharing and collaboration within the digital workspace. Videos that were once lost are now easily accessible, in any language; knowledge sharing and retention is facilitated through in-video search capabilities and AI powered executive summaries of key frames; finally, enterprise collaboration becomes a seamless task with video commenting—all through a single SharePoint login. By offering a fully enabled, AI-powered video experience, AnyClip paves the way for a future where video becomes an integral part of organizational knowledge sharing and content management within the corporate landscape.

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