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5 Ways Publishers Use AnyClip

Written by Rebecca Rozakis 10/25/2021February 1st, 2022

Over the last few years, countless publishers have teamed with AnyClip to get more out of their video content. Our tools maximize the value of every video, deploying cutting-edge AI to boost revenue and engagement. See some of the innovative ways publishers are using AnyClip’s AI to streamline their operations and increase the value of their content.

1) Visual Intelligence

Do you know what’s really in every one of your videos? With AnyClip’s Visual Intelligence, publishers swiftly ingest content libraries of any size—from a couple of thousand videos to more than ten million—and start tagging automatically. With AnyClip, they can identify objects, people, brands, written text, and spoken words. Even better, the videos can then be organized according to multiple taxonomies (including IAB). Suddenly, video isn’t a black box. It’s easy to find and organize, without a huge effort or manual tags. 

2) Contextual targeting

Once publishers have used Visual Intelligence to unlock their content library, they start putting it to work. With AnyClip, publishers automatically match editorial content with relevant videos from their archive—pairing, say, a review of the latest superhero sequel  with a video about its predecessor. Then, it’s easy to match those videos to relevant ads (say, that sequel’s trailer). In one fell swoop, they boost engagement and keep users on-site for longer, while sparing themselves the headache of finding the right video for each article on their website. And if there’s a specific video (or type of video) they’re looking for, AnyClip’s organization tools make it significantly easier to find it.

3) Centralized distribution

When you distribute your content directly on platforms such as YouTube and Facebook, you cede a dangerous amount of control. With AnyClip, publishers centralize all their content in one easy-to-navigate location and can then push it out to socials from there—without fretting about YouTube’s next surprise algorithm change. Plus, the content enters those ecosystems equipped with all the metadata AnyClip has extracted from it, boosting its chances of being seen.

4) Interactive shoppable experiences

Visual Intelligence means not simply tagging what people are saying but what they’re doing; not simply tagging the type of product on display, but its exact make and model, too. And with the X-Ray overlay, this becomes yet another way to monetize content: viewers can click a ‘Buy Now’ button straight from the player itself. Publishers easily automate what would otherwise be a nightmare of manual tagging and linking, instantly creating an interactive shoppable experience for their audiences.

5) Optimized livestreams

You put a lot into your livestreams—why not get the most out of them? With AnyClip, publishers are running live events across every page of their website. More importantly, their live events get an extended, lucrative afterlife. A key way AnyClip clients increase the ROI of their events is by taking advantage of data and automation to make their on-demand content more appealing to viewers even after the event is over. Detailed auto-tagging means relevant portions will start to surface in search results, and AnyClip will automatically pair these with relevant advertisements. 

AnyClip allows publishers access to a deeper level of data—well beyond what’s possible with manual tagging. And better data, of course, means better automation: the right video displayed to the right viewer at the right time. By fusing the two—data and automation—publishers are unlocking the full potential of their content and increase revenues significantly. Ready to explore some of these use cases yourself?

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