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5 Ways to Rock Audience Engagment

Written by Rebecca Rozakis 3/4/2021June 7th, 2021

The AnyClip platform is filled with tools to help you boost your audience engagement. From video management to analytics, we’ve combed through the platform to help you discover or rediscover these helpful tips, tricks, and tools.

1. Know Your Audience’s Viewing Patterns.

– How does their video consumption change throughout the month?
– Weekends vs. weekday viewing habits
– Dips or peaks aligned with current events
– Audience reactions to adjustments to recent site redesign, player positioning, etc

2. Pinpoint Specific Videos. Discover the videos that drive the most content consumption and engagement so that you can program your future video experiences to fit audience interests.

3. The Who and The What. Understand the brands, people and topics driving content consumption and engagement.

4. Custom Tags. In addition to the AI-powered tagging, you can apply custom tags to organize your owned content according to internal/proprietary categories (e.g.: holiday, sponsorships, etc.) and track performance by category over time.

5. Compare and Contrast. Compare audience content consumption and engagement over time. This enhances and validates audience interests as a means to support potential advertiser pitches. (e.g.: Use video content engagement data to show that viewers were 3X more likely to complete a video or watch a video with the sound on featuring Pepsi vs Coke, to validate an outbound campaign proposal to Pepsi.)

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