Contextual Targeting for Advertisers

AnyClip’s LuminousX™ Platform allows brands to access and target video content within a walled garden of safe, positive and premium content at scale.

Supplementing user targeting, Brands can select to place ads adjacent to targeted and brand-safe premium content that is perfectly aligned with their brand sentiment and message across all of the websites running AnyClip’s content.

AnyClip’s disruptive Luminous™ engine analyzes and categorizes video by Internet Advertising Bureau (IAB) categories, sentiments, celebrities, brands, and more, while filtering out non-brand safe scenes.

This proprietary content data is then shared with brands, providing an unprecedented level of contextual targeting and content-ad alignment.

Benefits of Advertising on LuminousX:

  • Target Content at Scale
    Align brand message with content by targeting specific IAB categories such as Travel or Automotive across all LuminousX websites
  • Leverage Premium Content
    Benefit from the emotional response associated with premium sports, entertainment and news content about consumers’ favorite sports team, celebrities, etc.
  • Guarantee Brand Safety
    A proprietary AI-based brand safety filter analyzes every video frame and guarantees Brand Safety. Brand Safety levels and alert types are customized per advertiser.
  • Enjoy Safe Environment
    All websites admitted to the LuminousX Platform are vetted, ensuring a 100% safe advertising environment.
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