Visual Intelligence APIs

Add intelligence to all your own video workflows and products.

Intelligent Workflow for Intelligent Video.

Build intelligence into your video with AnyClip’s whitelabeled visual intelligence technology.

Add frame-by-frame analysis capabilities to your video workflows, including content categories, object and people recognition, OCR, natural language processing, and more.

Build deep tagging, searching, retrieval, and organization workflows to develop powerful video management capacities.

Create beautiful, highly customizable video player experiences.

The Fast Track to Intelligence.

Speed up your development cycle with pre-built, groundbreaking video APIs.

Skip wasting development time and money on problems that are already solved.

Get to market faster, with proven, cutting-edge technologies.

Focus on the business you already do best.

Don’t reinvent the wheel.

Take advantage of the best of Visual Intelligence–so your developers can focus on your business.

Skip the Hard Part

AnyClip APIs offer the most intelligent video solutions, all ready to go.

Borrow from the Best

With visual intelligence, you’ll leverage deep insights and classifications for your videos, plus a lightning-fast player.

Make It Your Own

Use the APIs as a building block to build intelligent video right into your own code.

Intelligent Video APIs Features

Visual Intelligence API

  • Upload
  • Detailed frame-by-frame analysis
  • Recognition of content category, brands, people, spoken language, written text, brand safety flags
  • Search and retrieval

Video Player API

  • Initialization
  • Behavior
  • Controls
  • Analysis

Our users come to the site to slice and dice a lot of data. Screen real estate is always at a premium. The AnyClip solution and the team behind it are really flexible. They help us with content and monetization that adapts to our site and help us keep our users' needs front and center.

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