The first AI-powered internal communications platform for business.

Intelligent video Hubs for Knowledge Sharing, Collaboration and Communication.

It’s Genius at Work.


Play Video


Centralize and disseminate content from across your company in smart, secure video channels.

Ingest and categorize content automatically and immediately organize your growing video archive.

Analyze content frame-by-frame and instantly tag it so employees can surface, search and stream.

Make content instantly accessible and discoverable in secure, thematic channels.

Track content consumption and video performance in a consolidated dashboard.

Host live company events, trainings and seminars and instantly convert them into accessible VOD assets.

Company Stream

Watch and learn – whether your employees are in the office, out in the field or on the go, your company’s video “network” is always on.

Easily upload and stream video all recordings (internal and external) from across the company.

Create secure company, department and employee-specific video “channels” with content uniquely relevant to your audience on your own domains.

Manage permissions and access based on position, department, function, geography, date range and other custom criteria.

Chapter video content for more efficient navigation, streaming and quick search.

Enable collaboration and drive engagement with in-video CTA’s, form-fill, share and commenting capabilities.

Power in-video search allowing employees to query by topic, keyword, speaker, theme or more.


Get control of the growing video call recording volume across your company and put that content to work.

Enable automatic call upload from your video conferencing vendor – store, host and curate your growing call volume on a single, secure platform vs. individual employee accounts.

Analyze all video calls – extracting relevant information and data within each recording – so they can be organized and surfaced to the right audience, instantly.

Create custom video “channels” or folders based on the needs of your organization and manage permissions, accordingly.

Populate video channels with relevant video call recordings so employees can share, comment and collaborate.

Your company works hard.
Your video should work harder.

Open the channels of communication throughout your organization, securely.

Pull It Together

Centralize, secure and surface your internal video in relevant “channels”.

Turn It On

Maximize rich content data and user-friendly streaming formats to serve the right content to the right internal audiences, instantly.

Streamline Video Workflows

Leverage AI technology to automate internal video management and facilitate real-time information dissemination and collaboration.

GeniusWork Features

Centralized video hub and channel creation

Automatic tagging and custom Taxonomies

Video Consumption Analytics AND USAGE REPORTING



Live and VOD Capabilities

Content Permissions Based on Position, Department, Function etc.

Sharing, Commenting & Collaboration

Mobile SDK