More revenue.
More audience.
Less effort.

With Intelligent Video, you’re in control
of your content, your demand and your fate.

Position yourself for accelerated growth in a cookie-free future.


Streamline your
video workflows.

Automated tagging organizes your video, so you don’t have to.

Automatically ingest and tag your existing content based on IAB content category, people, objects, brands, spoken language, and text, all in one centralized location.

Simplify workflows with automated content recommendation and easy distribution across multiple social platforms.

Dedicated customer service team always available for support.

Unlock Value.

Create more demand for your inventory with contextual targeting
and innovative monetization that generate dramatically higher RPM.

Match audiences to the perfect content, finding the right context while ensuring brand safety.

Decide exactly what monetization strategies you want to employ; take advantage of AnyClip’s Marketplace as well as direct-sold campaigns.

Enjoy partnership terms in your favor.

Keep viewers on your domain.

Keep audiences coming back to a platform you control.

Drive more traffic to your owned and operated content with videos that match their page content, smart recommendations, better search, and interactive links.

Create streaming slideshows of your own articles to drive more engagement and create new monetization opportunities.

Create shoppable experiences, interactive overlays, automated playlists, and more to drive additional revenue.

Enrich your users’ experience by licensing additional content from an unparalleled premium video library.

Intelligent solutions

More control. More engagement.
More revenue.

With automated tagging, AnyClip elevates the engagement and revenue potential of your site, effortlessly.

Future-proofed Engagement

Higher engagement with cookie-free, contextual marketing.

Risk Free

Only pay for what you monetize.

Streamlined Curation

Plug-and-play, centralized, automated content management and optimization.

AnyClip's turnkey on-site video solution has provided us with an additional monthly revenue stream that requires virtually no maintenance on our end. I would recommend AnyClip to any digital publisher looking to enhance their site's video experience.

Hal DonnellyCEO, PhillyVoice