Smart Video
Solutions for
Law Firms

Showcase your expertise, bring in new clients, and expedite eDiscovery.

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Build Trust That Converts

Showcase your firm’s expertise and build rapport with potential clients through a branded online video center that establishes your firm as knowledgeable and client-focused.

Automatically organize videos by category and topic. Offer in-video search that gets viewers the answers they want, fast. Then, easily push browsing viewers to learn more or set up an initial meeting with interactive video.

Expedite Discovery with Automated Tagging

Automatically analyze, caption, and tag every video. Leverage Machine Learning models to search through massive repositories of case materials, surfacing not just the right video but the right moment within the video. Make depositions and case footage easily searchable in a secure, SSO-authenticated environment, or add automated tagging capabilities to your own video processes.

Video That Works

Use the power of AI to activate your video. Automatically ingest, analyze and surface the innate data in video—people, spoken words, brands, objects, and onscreen text, turning traditional video into smart video that is: