The Smart Video Portal for Partners

With an AI-powered authenticated video portal, share marketing materials, build a self help library, and provide support and enablement to your partners.

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Support Partners with a Video Enablement Portal

Offer partners a branded, authenticated video portal that’s welcoming and intuitive.

  • Share marketing materials, build a self help library, and provide support and enablement.
  • Automatically organize materials into branded galleries.
  • Make live and on demand content searchable, interactive, and engaging.
  • Securely share video through an SSO-authenticated video portal.

Centralize and Analyze

Transform your latent videos into smart partner-facing assets by enriching your video content with metadata—brands, products, objects, people, spoken words, and text. AnyClip’s AI-powered platform automatically captions and tags every video, 10x faster than real time, all in one, easy-to-manage location.

Stop Scrolling, Start Searching

Help your partners help themselves with effortless in-video search. Surface the most relevant video from your library, then allow partners to search within the video itself, and jump straight to the exact moment they’re looking for.

Missed the Live Training? No Problem.

Host live engagement, onboarding, and readiness events for your partners, then leverage them on demand.

  • Host and launch live events on your site to pull in more audiences.
  • Extend the life and value of your live video investment by converting those events into a robust on demand offering that continues to drive engagement with new (and returning) audiences.