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Keep your audience informed with the latest news and information about the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic with a premium VOD page experience aggregating curated information they need to know.


With the Luminous Watch Coronavirus Newsroom, any media company or organization can:


◾️ Host and customize a premium VOD streaming experience focused on the Coronavirus outbreak, with a page format that’s easily added to any website


◾️ Gain free access to AnyClip’s video content library: 5000+ up-to-the-minute videos about the Coronavirus pandemic, from premium sources


◾️ Get free tools to upload, analyze, store and deliver original video content, to stream side-by-side with, or in place of, licensed video


◾️ Manage video libraries and manually curate channels and playlists using AnyClip’s AI-powered Luminous Platform capabilities


◾️ Access content performance insights to inform future programming strategies


◾️ Receive technical support and basic training


The Luminous Watch Coronavirus Newsroom is available now through June 1, 2020.


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