Media Owners

Join LuminousX and Maximize Your Content

A Piece of the Ad Revenue Pie
Capitalize on the growing digital video advertising market.

Better Monetization
Advertisers pay a premium for targeting safe and categorized premium content.

Boost Other Revenue Streams
Reach new audiences and promote movies and merchandise sales indirectly.

Stay in The Driver’s Seat
Stay in control with 100% verified sites, black site lists, and transparent reporting.

Monetization Process

  • Monetization Agreement

    AnyClip onboards premium video content from content owners.

  • Analysis

    AnyClip's Luminous™ AI Content Analysis Engine tags, analyzes, and categorizes each clip in real-time.

  • Syndication

    The clips are syndicated across AnyClip's exclusive LuminousX Platform, a unique, walled garden of safe premium video content that runs on many carefully curated websites. The proprietary LuminousX Matching Engine matches clips with specific web pages so that your content runs only in relevant environments.

  • Monetization

    Unlike traditional content syndicators, AnyClip works closely with both the largest direct advertisers and the leading advertising platforms to monetize your content and generate more revenue.

  • Rev-Share & Control

    Revenues generated from advertising campaigns are shared with the content owner. AnyClip eliminates the risks associated with syndicator by providing full visibility and control over where and how your content is viewed and monetized.