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AnyClip Expands Offering with ‘Intelligence Lockbox’

By September 30, 2021No Comments

Bringing AI-Powered Internal Communications to the New, Video-Dominated Workplace


‘Intelligence Lockbox by AnyClip’ Empowers Companies to Store, Collaborate and Share Information via Secure, Curated Video Channels


New York, NY / Tel Aviv, Israel, SEPTEMBER 29, 2021  ̶   With the increase in remote workforces, hybrid offices, virtual meetings and flexible schedules has come an overwhelming increase in the amount of video created, and demand to access it – at any time, from anyplace.  This video is often not stored, managed, organized, or optimized well, if at all, and is rarely utilized for internal collaboration.  Companies in all lines of business are losing a major opportunity to mine and maximize these assets.  With this significant workplace shift in mind, AnyClip ( has launched Intelligence Lockbox by AnyClip, a new AI-powered internal communications and collaboration product.  

Whether a company’s employees are in the office, in the field or on the go, its video “network” is now always on and exponentially expanding. An internal communications solution for today’s new virtual work environment, Intelligence Lockbox by AnyClip enables companies of any size, and across all industries, to strategically unlock the power of what has become an unrelenting stream of internal video assets.  It does this by enabling secure and efficient storage of all video in a central location, automated content discovery and distribution, and enhanced user/viewer collaboration on a single platform—in an instant and on any device. Watch the video.

“As a CEO, I have witnessed first-hand how powerful video is for productivity and collaboration during a time of rapid workplace transformation. I have also seen how easy it is for companies and their employees to create video only to have it be lost on someone’s laptop, stored on outside servers, or uploaded to a difficult-to-search intranet—if it is even saved at all,” said AnyClip President and CEO Gil Becker. 

He added: “IDC is forecasting that demand for collaborative applications will continue to grow, making it a $50.7 billion market by 2025 — more than doubling 2020 revenues—yet too many businesses are missing an opportunity to utilize the valuable video they are creating, either for onboarding, training, or other meetings.  Intelligence Lockbox provides a solution for companies, including AnyClip, to get the most out of these internal videos, in a secure and efficient way.”

Intelligence Lockbox by AnyClip is designed to provide secure access to valuable internal content, empowering companies to better communicate with their workforce and share relevant information—wherever they are based in the world – live or on demand.  Whether it’s staff onboarding, training, learning and development videos, sales calls/meetings or company events— organizations can now provide employees with the “keys” to video resources and secure channels of communication specifically relevant to them.

Among the wide variety of features from Intelligence Lockbox by AnyClip:

    • Convert information into intelligence: all video is automatically tagged and analyzed frame-by-frame, mining data from the content, and instantly organizing it based on custom taxonomies.
    • Integration with Video Conferencing: instantly upload, analyze and surface video directly from popular video conferencing services, bringing the right content to the right internal audiences, automating workflows and enabling collaboration inside and outside of the organization. 
    • Custom video channels: with Intelligence Lockbox, not only can a company create its own internal “network,” but it can also curate channels specific to particular departments (i.e., Sales, Human Resources, Product Development), employees or other defined work groups.  Each group or person can quickly access, search and stream content relevant to them.  Companies can also manage permissions and access based on position, department, function, geography, date range and other custom criteria.
    • “Life after live”: instantly convert live company events, training sessions, seminars and sales calls into accessible VOD (video-on-demand) assets.  The information gleaned from this content can be converted into actionable intelligence, maximizing “life after live” and ensuring it continues to be seen by the right audiences beyond its premiere date.
    • Secure, centralized video storage: including any video call recordings (both internal and external) – from across the entire company.
    • Video engagement and collaboration: including AI-powered video chaptering, in-video calls-to-action, form-fill, share and commenting capability.
    • Deep search: allowing employees to query by topic, keyword, speaker, thematic and more and allowing for instant content discovery.
    • Analytics: track and create reports on video consumption and performance from across an organization, in a consolidated dashboard.
    • Mobile access


The launch of Intelligence Lockbox by AnyClip builds upon the external applications of AnyClip’s proprietary Visual Intelligence™ Technology for Business, Publishing, Media & Entertainment. 


Launched earlier this year, AnyClip delivers the first fully-automated and centralized platform for video management, distribution, marketing, analytics and monetization. Capable of harvesting data from video 10x faster than real time, the AnyClip platform delivers a scalable and uniquely data-rich solution for businesses across all verticals looking to position themselves competitively in the new video frontier.  


About AnyClip

AnyClip is The Visual Intelligence Company

AnyClip, fueled by the recent closing of a new $47 million (US) investment, is ushering in a new era in video and AI with its proprietary Visual Intelligence Technology.  With its unique ability to extract and harness data from video, AnyClip mobilizes latent video libraries and immediately converts them into high performance assets that can be searched, measured and merchandised via a single, fully automated and centralized global SaaS platform. The AnyClip Platform for publishing, media, and business is the next evolution in video management, distribution, analytics, marketing and monetization. AnyClip is located in New York, Tel Aviv, London, and Berlin and is backed by Jerusalem Venture Partners (JVP), Roman Abramovich’s Ervington Investments, former Sony America President & CEO Michael Schulhof, and Limelight Networks. For more information, please visit



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