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Automate your digital workplace. AnyClip is now integrated with ChatGPT. Get a free trial. AnyClip is now integrated with ChatGPT. Get a free trial.
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ChatGPT Integrated Into AnyClip’s Geniuswork Internal Communications Platform

By April 10, 2023No Comments

This New Integration into the AI-Powered Platform Speeds Knowledge Sharing and Increases Collaboration Between Employees


New York, April 10, 2023 AnyClip, The Visual Intelligence Company™ has announced that they have integrated ChatGPT into GeniusWork, their AI-powered internal communications platform for business, among the first major internal communications tools to do so. AnyClip’s platform uses AI to turn traditional videos into smart content, empowering employees to share knowledge, collaborate, and communicate across the organization. With the addition of ChatGPT, employees will now be able to receive automated titling, summaries, notes and descriptions of their meeting recordings and other internal videos, which can also be shared and collaborated on.

The market for tools that better organize an organization’s textual information is currently valued at tens of billions of dollars, as companies continue to adapt to an increasingly normalized remote environment. Companies such as Google Workspace, Microsoft Office365, Confluence, Seismic, and Slack are leading the way, but much of their efforts continue to be focused on written communication, with video as an add-on. As video communications and production through popular platforms such as Zoom and Microsoft Teams continues to explode, AnyClip is bringing these organizational capabilities to video through their GeniusWork platform.

By integrating ChatGPT, the artificial intelligence chatbot which has been making headlines for its clear and natural-sounding summation capabilities, AnyClip makes it easy to generate executive summaries and metadata from complex meetings and other recordings. Now, employees can easily skim the AI-generated summaries of any meeting, reducing the need to take minutes and making it easy to catch up or loop in colleagues.

“Today’s employees face information overload and ever-increasing demands on their time. AnyClip leverages the power of AI to help them stay on top of their fast-moving businesses and collaborate more effectively with their colleagues,” says Gil Becker, CEO of AnyClip. “We’re delighted to add ChatGPT to our suite of AI tools that power more efficient video communications and workflows.”

ChatGPT is the latest addition to the suite of AI-related features offered by GeniusWork, which includes automatic highlights, chapters, and more. By helping to surface information in videos in new and innovative ways, GeniusWork gives employees the power to search, find and stream the precise company information they need, when they need it. AnyClip then powers team collaboration within the video itself, leading to a more productive, connected workforce.


About AnyClip

AnyClip is The Visual Intelligence Company™

AnyClip’s proprietary Visual Intelligence Technology is using AI to revolutionize how business does video — the most desired and prevalent form of communication. By instantly activating its innate data, AnyClip brings to video the power once reserved for text via transparency, interactivity and collaboration.

The company powers advanced video solutions so smart, they’re Genius. For customer-facing communications, Genius+™ is the AI-powered video management platform that converts traditional video into intelligent content that is fully enabled – searchable, measurable, personalized, merchandised and interactive. For internal communications, AnyClip’s GeniusWork™ is the first AI-powered internal communications platform for Business, featuring intelligent video hubs for knowledge sharing, collaboration and communication.

AnyClip is located in New York, Los Angeles, Tel Aviv, London, and Munich. In 2022, AnyClip won the NAB Show Award for Product of the Year from the National Association of Broadcasters and was named to Aragon Research’s “Hot Vendors in Collaboration” list. AnyClip was most recently named a Finalist for Best Video Platform 2022 by Digiday and Streaming Media and ranked No. 5 in New York, and 64 overall, on the Deloitte Technology Fast 500™ list of fastest-growing companies in North America. For more information, please visit