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Take the Pain
out of Healthcare

Leverage smart video to help patients and families find information, make decisions, and improve outcomes.

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Video: Pediatric care educational website.

Video for Healthcare

Provide a user-friendly video experience on your own site so clients can find what they need, when they need it. Showcase care facilities to prospective patients, promote patient stories, illustrate follow-up care, and offer step-by-step instructions for how to use new prescriptions.

Instantly Surface Healthcare Answers

Automatically identify objects, people, brands, spoken words, and text within all of your video content, so customers can search instantly. Minimize the frustration of combing through insurance policies, reviewing doctors, and researching symptoms by jumping straight to the moment within the video that answers the question.

Video: Video search features showcase
Video: Medical appointment interface

Drive Conversions with Interactive Video

Insert interactive links within your videos to drive engagement. Prompt customers to take action by helping them make appointments, connecting them to the right healthcare specialists, surfacing prescription options, and more—with the click of a button.

Healthcare Videos at Scale

The prescription is automation—get the right video on the right page. Automatically embed and surface contextually relevant video across your site. AI-powered workflows let you manage video content across all of your owned channels, painlessly.

Video: Parenting website interface elements