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AnyClip is the AI-driven video content data and monetization pioneer.

By leveraging the most advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology to analyze and understand video content and context in real-time, AnyClip maximizes video assets for content owners and their buyers – solving Brand Safety, providing first-ever content segmentation, and enabling superior video consumption and targeting.

AnyClip has growing offices in New York and Tel Aviv, is backed by Jerusalem Venture Partners (JVP), Roman Abramovich’s Ervington Investments, former Sony America President & CEO Michael Schulhof, and Limelight Networks, and was recognized by Deloitte as one of Israel’s fastest growing technology companies in 2016 and 2017.



AnyClip’s solutions are powered by Luminous™, a content analysis engine that automatically cuts content to clips and then tags, analyzes and categorizes each clip according to IAB categories, celebrities, and sentiments while filtering out or flagging non-brand-safe clips.

  • LRE™- Luminous Recommendation Engine for Publishers
    LRE™ analyzes a specific web page’s metadata and then searches for matching clips in AnyClip’s large premium content library by parsing video metadata produced by Luminous. LRE™ dynamically enriches the web page with relevant premium content, while monetizing each clip.  This provides publishers premium content, superior use engagement, and incremental revenue.
  • AnyClip’s Content Platform
    Connecting all of the websites where AnyClip’s LRE™ is deployed, AnyClip’s Content Platform is the first-of-its-kind walled garden of safe, positive, and targeted premium video content. The metadata generated by Luminous™ enables advertisers to place ads before or after highly targeted and brand-safe content that is perfectly aligned with their brand sentiment and message at scale, effectively shifting from limited “Media Planning” to smarter “Content Planning.” The Platform also generates significant revenue for content owners by easily and safely syndicating and monetizing their content at scale.

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Management Team

  • Gil Becker

    President & CEO

  • Yossi Amir

    Chief Financial Officer

  • Vadim Balannik

    Chief Technology Officer

  • Asaf Dan

    Chief Operating Officer

  • Sascha Weis

    VP Global Sales

  • Ari Applbaum

    VP Marketing

  • Irena Mail

    VP Research & Development

  • Nadav Dray

    VP Operations, US

  • Naama Sapir

    VP Human Resources


  • Erel N. Margalit

    Board Chairman

  • Rafi Kesten

    Board Member

  • Anna Evdokimova

    Board Member

  • Michael P. Schulhof

    Board Member

  • Gil Becker

    Board Member





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