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Transform Your Video Content with Cutting-Edge AI Features

Unlock Your Video’s Full Potential with Our Comprehensive Video AI Platform Tools

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Video AI Features
Video AI Platform: Instant Video Chapters

Instant Video Chapters

Effortless Precision, Chapter by Chapter

Simply Seamless: Imagine a world where your content curates itself, where every video you upload is a journey through meticulously crafted chapters.

Our Instant Video Chapters do just that—intuitively carving out segments on varied topics during the upload. It’s not just saving time; it’s elevating the experience for both content teams and audiences. With us, every second counts, and no moment is lost in translation.

Transform My Videos

Auto Video Descriptions

Summaries that Speak Volumes

Clarity in a Click: In the vast sea of digital content, your video is a beacon. With Auto Video Descriptions, it’s not just seen—it’s understood. Our AI delves deep into the heart of your video, crafting summaries that resonate and reflect the core of your narrative.

Engagement starts here—with summaries that invite your audience in and keep them wanting more. It’s time efficiency meeting content clarity.

Clarify My Content
Video AI Platform: Auto Video Descriptions
AI Video Highlights

AI Video Highlights

Key Moments, Captured

Highlight the Highlights: In a world where time is the ultimate luxury, your audience seeks the extraordinary, distilled. AI Video Highlights is your answer—zooming in on the moments that matter, creating a tapestry of your video’s finest points.

It’s about giving your viewers the essence, the soul of your content, without asking for their day. In minutes, they grasp hours—and your content becomes the spark of their conversation.

Elevate My Videos
Video AI Platform: AI Topic Clusters

AI Topic Clusters

Navigation, Reimagined

Curate with Intelligence: Welcome to a world where content intuitively finds its audience. Our AI Topic Clusters aka ‘Chips’ are dynamic, intelligent bubbles that rise to the top of your Video Library, bringing a universe of themes to your fingertips. Each Chip is an invitation to explore, a portal to content that resonates. It’s about empowering the curious and freeing the creators.

Simplify discovery, enrich experience, and let AI handle the details.

Organize My Content

Custom Facial Recognition

Recognition with Respect

Spotlight with Precision: Custom Facial Recognition is the discerning eye that sees beyond the crowd. It’s the tool that brings the spotlight to every face—be it a rising sports star, an emerging actor, or the inspiring speaker at your last event.

With ethical and compliant recognition technology, keep your viewers engaged, enhance ad revenue, and celebrate every individual that graces your platform.

Recognize with Care
Video AI Platform: Custom Facial Recognition
Video AI Platform: Brand Safety

Brand Safety

Your Brand, Guarded

Safeguard Your Image: In a world where content is king, your brand’s integrity is the crown jewel.

Our Brand Safety feature is the vigilant sentinel at the gates, ensuring that only content aligned with your ethos sees the light of day. With nuanced sensitivity filters and a watchful AI, trust is built, and reputations are preserved.

Protect My Brand

Video Chat AI

Coming Q1/2024

Conversation, Elevated

Dialogue with Depth: Enter a realm where your queries are conversations, and every response is a pathway to knowledge. Video Chat AI is your personal concierge to a vast library, offering not just answers but insights, not just information but understanding.

Engage in a dialogue that bridges the gap between question and content, and watch your video library come alive.

Chat with My Library
Video AI Platform: Video Chat AI
Video AI Platform: Interactive Touch Points

Interactive Touch Points

Engage at the Right Moment

Transform Views into Value: Imagine a world where every video frame is a potential marketplace, a call to action, a step closer to your goals. Interactive Touch Points transform passive viewing into active engagement.

Prompt your audience at the peak of their interest, turning curiosity into conversion with smart, clickable links that drive performance.

Activate My Audience

Ever-Present Video Players

Presence, Uninterrupted

Engage Without Bounds: In a world where attention is fleeting, ensure your message remains. Ever-Present Video Players offer a viewing experience that’s both fluid and unyielding. As your audience scrolls, your content floats, ever visible, ever engaging.

It’s about capturing eyes across every platform—desktop, mobile, anywhere. Your video, a constant companion on the digital journey.

Keep My Content Visible
Ever-Present Video Players
Video AI Platform: Web Context Recognition

Web Context Recognition

The Art of Relevance

Seamless Integration, Tailored Content: With Web Context Recognition, your content doesn’t just match—it belongs. Inject life into articles with videos that resonate with the written word. This isn’t just about placing a video; it’s about creating harmony between text and media.

Captivate your audience with perfectly paired content and watch engagement soar.

Match My Content

Interactive Story Players

Your Narrative, Redefined

Storytelling, Evolved: Dive into the narrative revolution with Interactive Story Players. Your words aren’t just read; they’re experienced.

This is where articles become interactive journeys, transforming passive readers into active participants. With AnyClip’s Stories Player, elevate readership to viewership, enriching time spent and creating stories that stick.

Tell My Story
Video AI Platform: Interactive Story Players
Realtime Closed Captions

Realtime Closed Captions

Inclusivity in Every Word

Communication for All: Unlock the full potential of your live content with Realtime Closed Captions. Every word spoken is instantly a word read, in 14 languages, inviting a global audience to the conversation.

It’s not just about reaching more people; it’s about creating connections that transcend barriers. Accessibility isn’t an afterthought—it’s at the forefront of every stream.

Make My Content Accessible

Post-Live Content Activation

Extend the Encore

The Conversation Continues: With Post-Live Content Activation, the end of your event is just the beginning. Distribute your live moments across channels and breathe new life into them.

It’s about sustaining the momentum, maximizing reach, and ensuring the value of your events grows over time. Here, the show goes on, and every performance finds a new stage.

Amplify My Event
Video AI Platform: Post-Live Content Activation