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AnyClip is a data and technology platform providing tools, insights, and solutions for media companies, built on the world's most complete video content data.

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Solutions for a modern media ecosystem

In a world where video is everywhere, media companies and marketers alike waste time and money trying to manage a growing universe of video assets without the tools they need to take better control of their content and their context.

AnyClip is making this video ecosystem more efficient: a path forward, lit by better video content data.

AnyClip’s Luminous™ Video Data Platform is a data-supported toolset helping media companies to do more with video content in simple but powerful ways.

This process begins with advanced content analysis

Using patented AI at its core, AnyClip’s Luminous™ Engine analyzes a video’s image and audio content frame-by-frame in real-time, creating an instant, actionable dataset associated with each file.

This data then powers AnyClip’s service offerings

For media companies, a holistic set of tools helping editors and revenue teams to more efficiently manage, display, and measure their video assets.

  • Video Analysis & Data Services
  • Editorial Controls
  • User Engagement Tools
  • Monetization Tools
  • Business Intelligence

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Partner Spotlight

AnyClip’s Platform strengthens the connection with our already highly engaged audience at no cost. It also increases time on page and provides a new and safe way to monetize our premium video content. The video insights and analytics we receive about our own content are the result of a truly beneficial relationship.

Luminous allows discovery of related curated video content in ways that surprise our users and encourage longer sessions and higher engagement metrics. Luminous has opened up new monetization opportunities for our video content and strengthens connections with our loyal audience base. We are pleased with our AnyClip partnership and their vision for video engagement.

AnyClip provides relevant video content that is additive to our stories, ensuring our users have additional reasons to stay on-site and engage. The team at AnyClip is simply amazing to work with. They respond quickly to requests, issues or concerns and work with us closely and transparently to ensure our partnership continues to grow, not only with our video unit and monetization but also distributing our video as well.

Know your content. Know your context.
Get more value from video with AnyClip.

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