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Revolutionizing how business does video: with AI. Make video searchable, personalized, measurable, interactive and merchandisable.

It’s not a smart video platform. It’s Genius.

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Video-Marketing: Interactive fashion video interface
Video: Football match broadcast interface.


Analyze and Organize

Automatically analyze every video frame-by-frame, 10x faster than real time. Identify and tag brands, objects, content categories, people, brand safety flags, spoken words, and text using cutting-edge AI. Add captions and automatically translate and search into 100+ languages.

Transform your traditional video content into smart assets so your library is fully enriched, enabled, and ready to do the extraordinary.


Create Captivating Video Experiences

Centralize, host, and embed branded video experiences across your site and owned media platforms. Leverage AI to automatically populate your videos into curated channels or embed smart players with contextually targeted videos onto relevant pages.

Effortlessly leverage and maximize video libraries—large and small—to keep audiences engaged and onsite with content that matters to them while maximizing every dollar spent on content creation.

Video: Travel Media Interface Display
Video: Pharmacy, Digital Overlay, Woman


Unleash Interactivity

Add interactive video overlays to keep viewers’ attention and drive instant action. Boost revenue with shoppable links, capture feedback and grow subscriptions with customizable forms, and insert relevant calls-to-action inside any video.

With AI-driven tagging, you can automatically trigger campaigns based on context and content. No manual work required. Inspire viewers to take action at the moment they’re most invested.


Search and Discover

Search isn’t just for text anymore. Give your viewers a search bar that not only finds the exact video they need, but the exact moment they want. Any search query, across your entire video archive. Every video, every scene, every moment is instantly discoverable. Scroll no more.

Video: Video search interface concept
Video: Browser interface, video advertisement, people.


Merchandise Your Video Content

From online publishing to subscriptions, merchandise your content with intelligent players. Power contextual targeting for advertising and editorial content. Drive higher RPMs with targeted, brand-safe video ads.

Keep audiences onsite longer with syndicated content and intelligent playlists. Create smart demand for your valuable content.


Live and Life After Live

Embed live streams across your site and then extend the value of your live investment with Life After Live—leverage automated tagging and content data to continue to surface your recorded content to larger, relevant audiences.

Drive incremental revenue and extend advertiser or sponsor value with targeted pre-and mid roll advertising, interactive video overlays and offers or employ other monetization opportunities from your new video arsenal.

Video: Book advertisement, live conversation
Enterprise Video Streaming Server Software: Working in car, analytics overlays.


Leverage Centralized Analytics and Performance Insights

Visualizing your success is easy with our centralized reporting and consolidated dashboards. Measure video performance and audience behavior based on title, topic, communications channels, and keywords. Use viewership data to drive affinity content strategies and video investment decisions.

Genius Plus


The AI-powered, integrated and automated system for advanced video strategies.

Video: Office meeting with graphics.

Single Automated Solution

Automate your video workflows so you can scale your content strategy without scaling your overhead.

Video: Medical consultation, patient, healthcare professional

Deeper Intelligence

Understand what’s really going on in your videos and with your usage so you can optimize accordingly.

Video: Skateboarder mid-air trick

Unlock Value

Get the absolute most out of your video investment by making videos searchable, personalized and interactive.

Video: Live music performance overlay.

Life After Live

Turn your live stream into a revenue stream with Life After Live.