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Transform traditional video into fully enabled, intelligent content with AnyClip’s Visual Intelligence Technology.

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Add Instant Data Analysis to Video Workflows

With Visual Intelligence API, seamlessly integrate proven, cutting-edge video AI technology into your video workflows. Automatically analyze and tag every video, frame-by-frame.

  1. Brand safety flags
  2. IAB Content Taxonomies
  3. Keywords
  4. People
  5. Brands
  6. OCR
  7. Speech to Text

Make Video Products Intelligent

The possibilities are endless—moderate UGC at scale, deliver contextual targeting, identify explicit or objectionable content, build smart recommendation engines, incorporate video transcriptions, offer advanced in-video search—automate rich video data analysis, instantly.

Our API. Your solution.

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Visual Intelligence API

Focus on the business you do best.
Let our API do the rest.

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Visual Intelligence
for Intelligent Video

With more than 30 machine learning models, instantly unlock the value of your video.

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Multi-Vendor Package

Get AnyClip’s proprietary data enhancement and ML detection models as well as multiple third-party sources in one package. Easy, cost-effective, and best in class.

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Banish False Positives

With a proprietary false-positive reverse model, ensure accurate identification and brand safety.

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Fast Track to Intelligence

Speed up your development cycle with pre-built, groundbreaking video APIs.


Generate Keyword tags by identifying spoken words and visual objects within your video content.
Generate People tags by identifying important people - including celebrities - within your video content.
Generate Brand tags by identifying brands that are referenced verbally, appear as logos, or appear as text on screen in your video content.
Identify all text on-screen - in slides or on any visual object in your video content.
Extract all text from the audio file of the video to be used as video captions and the basis for tagging.
Categorize video content into more than 1000+ IAB categories and subcategories.
Flag 15+ content categories identified (by IAS) as brand risk categories