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Create a Culture of Collaboration

Build employee connectivity, speed up onboarding, reduce frustration, and build a culture of collaboration. The secret for HR? Video.

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The Corporate Video Portal That’s Bringing Teams Together

Build a culture of excellence through shared video. Centralize all your video content–onboarding and learning resources, meeting recordings, town halls, department resources–in one place. Then automatically organize it into secure hubs by department, project, team, topic, and more, to build a cohesive and connected company. It’s video for HR.

Just-in-Time Knowledge Sharing

Get employees the answers they need, instantly. AnyClip automatically analyzes every word spoken or written within every video, powering our in-video search. Now your employees can jump to the exact moment they’re looking for–no more endless scrolling. Effortlessly share, search, and discover the most relevant institutional knowledge from training videos to Zoom recordings.


Drive Collaboration

Turn video into an active tool for collaboration. Work within video just like you would within a text document: easily search, comment, share, and collaborate. Add interactive overlays, link documents inside videos, and create custom forms. Keep teams working together, frustration-free, even in remote or hybrid workplaces.

Strenghten Connections with Enduring Video Events

Power more engaging internal events with Life After Live VOD. From big events like town halls to everyday Zoom meetings, get more out of live events by making recordings more accessible and powerful. Then create highlights to keep everyone up to date. Every event and meeting has lasting value when employees can easily return to catch up on what they missed, refresh their memories, and even ask new questions.



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