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Knowledge Sharing at the Speed of Thought

Share and preserve technical knowledge and intellectual property with a secure, AI-powered video platform for IT.

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Video: Corporate video platform interface

Organize Your Knowledge

Organize your videos, from learning resources to Zoom recordings, into secure, thematic video Hubs. From effortless onboarding to easy knowledge sharing to an offboarding process that secures your company IP, create personalized experiences that can be easily navigated by department and topic.

Enable Discovery

Automatically analyze content frame-by-frame and instantly tag it. Power in-video search that allows employees to find exactly the video they’re looking for, then jump to exactly the moment they need, so knowledge is always at their fingertips.

Video: Video search interface, product discussion.
Video: Video conferencing interface design

Power Collaboration

Empower employees to collaborate in a secure space you control. Give them access to the tools they’re asking for, from basic editing to interactivity, so your internal videos stay secure instead of roaming on email or social media.

Get to the Point

Offer AI-created highlights of longer videos for easier and quicker knowledge sharing and transfer. No need to watch a full length meeting; viewers can get the most significant and salient points in minutes.

Video: Video call, interface, people speaking
Video: Educational online video platform.

Reduce Manual Tech Support

Make self-service easy. Build an internal self-help library of videos for IT and other departments that employees can effortlessly search, so you spend less time on repetitive tech support.


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