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Invest in Intelligence

Turn your video into video assets—unlock company and customer value, gain insights and maximize the return on your marketing dollars.

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Video: Financial website interface.

Video for Financial Institutions

Give clients and investors a first-rate video experience on your own site. Make complex financial instruments easy for clients to understand. Say hello to a secure, AI-powered video solution that makes showcasing and surfacing your services and insights simple and painless.

The Search is Over

Empower clients to find the exact information they need through in-video search. With automatic AI-powered video analysis, clients can search for and jump to specific moments within your market recaps, online banking tutorials, and investment consultation videos to find the specific information they need.

Video: Video search interface demonstration.
Video: Laptop, financial consultation website.

Get Clients Invested with Interactivity

Include interactive video links and forms to push clients through the marketing funnel. Create shoppable links to specific financial instruments, offer prospectuses, incentivize visitors to speak to a representative, or collect email addresses to receive whitepapers or subscribe to newsletters. Automatically embed offers and links within videos at the moment they’re most relevant and customers are most engaged.


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