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Empower and Enable Your Sales Team with Video

From sales coaching to pitch reviews to team collaboration, provide the platform that promotes productivity.

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The Intelligent Video Platform for Sales Teams

Unify your sales team with a video collaboration hub built for hybrid and remote work environments. Automatically organize onboarding videos, 1:1s, quarterly business reviews, earnings reports, pitch meetings, and more with thematic video hubs and channels.

The Smart Search for Selling

Stop scrolling through hours of meeting recordings, pitches and business reviews–with one search, jump to an exact moment within your video based on a simple search query. Share insights, pull quotes, confirm client needs, and flag concerns, without having to watch hours of video.


Highlight What Matters Most

You don’t need to watch an entire meeting recording to get the gist. Instead, let AI create highlights automatically. Watch the most relevant moments or sections and get up to speed in minutes.

Sales Enablement for Today’s Sellers

Surface relevant videos to your teams through dedicated Hubs to ensure they are watching the content that will help them sell to your potential and existing clients. Build channels that guide your sales force through the sales cycle, from probing questions, to pitch cadence, to objection handling and beyond in an organized and strategic fashion.


Share Knowledge and Best Practices

Keep institutional knowledge alive for remote and hybrid teams. Automatically upload, analyze, and share call recordings to review scripts, product information, client meetings, and more. Ask questions, tag other team members, and keep the conversation flowing with in-video commenting. Gather your best sales tactics and easily spread them throughout the organization as your team collaborates with and within video.

Communicate with Customers

Share call recordings with customers and prospects—work together to keep momentum and information flowing freely and securely.