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Bring Your ‘A’ Game

Wow your audience with engaging video streaming experiences that bring them right to the action they are seeking.

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Video Streaming: Sports video gallery interface.

The Video Platform for Sports and Gaming

You’ve captured the best moments. Now it’s time to leverage instant organization to create a seamlessly navigable, branded home for your videos.

With Video Streaming at its core, AnyClip offers a platform where every dunk, goal, and home run is more than just a fleeting moment, but a lasting digital imprint.

Straight to the Winning Play

Give your viewers the exact moment they want. With in-video search, viewers can search for people, items, brands, text, spoken words, and other tags to find the smaller moments they want within the bigger picture. Video Streaming, coupled with AI-powered search, makes reliving the winning play just a click away.

Video: Video search feature demonstration.
Video Streaming: Basketball game recap, advertisement.

Data Wins Championships

Offer advertisers more valuable inventory with contextual targeting. Use that deep data to target ads to relevant moments when viewers are most excited about a topic. Align ad messages within a video based on a moment, presence of a player, and more instead of just pre/mid/post or pod. Plus, assure brand safety by flagging sensitive or potentially objectionable categories of content.

Win Over the Crowd with Interactive Elements

Promote events, merchandise drops, and connect with fans by activating shoppable experiences that generate revenue and provide invaluable customer insights. When favorite players make a big play, promote their jerseys, memorabilia, and more with in-video shoppable or interactive overlays to drive instant conversions.

Video Streaming enriched with interactive elements not only enhances fan engagement but opens new revenue channels.

Video Streaming: Golf, players, advertisements