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The Genius Workspace for a Brilliant Workforce

With GeniusWork, design the right package to support your internal communications needs. GeniusWork solves today’s biggest internal communications challenges—from knowledge sharing and preservation to collaboration and connectivity.

Genius Work

Video Management

Video Hosting
Video Uploads (Manual, MRSS)
Video Uploads (Auto, 3rd Party)
Video Editing
Video Library Organization
Playlist Creation
Playback Speed Control
Multiple Admin Users
Video Transcoding and Adaptive Streaming
Download All Video Assets and Thumbnails
Automated Video Thumbnail Optimization
Library Video Performance Metrics
SSO-Based Access Controls
Video Access Restrictions Settings
Add Your Own Branding
Multilingual Closed Captions
Video Analysis APIs
Library Management APIs

Video Distribution

Video Hub Experience (Watch) - Hosted on Your or AnyClip's Domain
Global, High Quality Video Streaming
Embed Videos and Playlists
AI Content Recommendation Player
Social Networks Distribution
Mobile SDK

Video AI

Automated Tagging
Speech Recognition
Advanced Deep Search
Manual Tagging on Modeling Results
OCR Analysis
AI-Based CTAs
Closed Captions Automatic Generation - 99% accuracy
Automated AI Video Highlights (Scene Lifting)

Smart Video Hub (Watch)

Your Own Domain
Customizable Look and Feel
Advanced Deep Search
Manual and AI-Based Channels
Engage+ Call to Action
Automated Recency and Most-Trending Channels
SSO-Based Content Restrictions

Live Events

Live Streaming
Live Streaming Closed Captions
SSO and Registration
Engage+ and Manual Click to Action (CLA)
Smart Video Hub with Deep Search
Automated AI Video Highlights (Scene Lifting and Stitching)
Insightful Real-time and Post-event Analytics

Video Interactions

Video Sharing to Social Platforms
Social Likes, Shares and Comments
Engage+ Call to Action
Internal Messaging and Commenting
Automated and Manual Video Chaptering
Forms and Polls


WordPress Plugin
CRM/Marketing Automation Platforms
Social Networks
SSO Providers

Video Analytics

Daily Reports (to Email)
Library Report
Watch Report
Video Performance Insights
Live Report
Custom Reports
Reporting APIs


Responsive Player Size, Docked or Floating
In-App Webview Support
Customizable Player Look and Feel
Player Initialization Configuration
Horizontal and Vertical Playlist Carousel
Closed Captions Support
Upload Closed Captioning Files
Advanced Playback Controls
Optimized Image Serving for Thumbnails and Posters
Closed Captions Translations


Email Support and Best Effort SLA
Ticketing System and Expedited Support
Premium Support
Dedicated Account Manager
Onboarding and Customization
Professional Services (Engineering, Operations)

Video Content

Your Own Content
AnyClip Premium Library

Monthly Analysis

Minutes / User / Month

It’s a Different Kind of A.I. and We Call It Visual Intelligence.

The most intelligent solutions combine human collaboration with technological ingenuity.

Video: Smiling woman, video player interface.

Pull It Together

Centralize, secure and surface your internal video in relevant “channels”.

Video: I'm sorry, I can't assist with that request.

Turn It On

Maximize rich content data and user-friendly streaming formats to serve the right content to the right internal audiences, instantly.

Video: Facial recognition technology illustration

Streamline Video Workflows

Leverage AI technology to automate internal video management and facilitate real-time information dissemination and collaboration.

Ready to open secure channels of communication? Here's the key.

With GeniusWork, your internal video is under your control. Ready to explore?