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Intelligent Revenue

Power your bottom line with video by creating intelligent demand for your content.

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Context is king.

Your video is valuable. With our intelligent platform, help your advertisers find the right audience for the right ad.

Offer targeted audiences based on the content of the video, including brands, objects, people, spoken language, OCR and more.

Build playlists of relevant videos with interactive features to increase views and dwell times, automatically or manually.

Add interactive overlays with CTAs for another source of monetization.
Video: Makeup tutorial video interface
Video: Eye makeup application

Build out your content library.

Keep your viewers engaged and coming back for more.

Syndicate content from leading premium media to fill out your own content offerings.

Ensure brand safety by automatically identifying and restricting contexts.

Create streaming slideshows of your own articles to drive more engagement and create new monetization opportunities.

Automatically build a smart video portal to showcase your content, then add subscriptions or sponsorship.

intelligent solutions

Turn your video stream into a revenue stream.

Get the insights and tools to unlock the true value of your video.

Video: Makeup tutorial, video play button.

Cookie-Free Diet

Liberate yourself from cookies with contextual targeting solutions.

Video: Digital tablet, stylus pen.

Demand Your Way

Boost monetization with direct-sold campaigns or outsource AnyClip demand support.

Video: Eye makeup, brush, colorful shadow

New Tools of the Trade

Make more revenue from your inventory with more intelligent video monetization tools.

Video Revenue Features

Custom video players

In-stream call-to-action buttons and transactional sales tools

Cookie-free targeting solutions

Brand safety controls

Page matching

Video playlist building

Direct-sold campaigns or outsourced ad ops

Sponsorships and subscriptions

Dramatically higher RPMs than other platforms

We have tested with two other partners for a monetization strategy and found that AnyClip was the strongest solution by a 50% margin between them and the next partner.

Sorin BrabeteHead of Development and Support, SOFTPEDIA