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Stop scrolling. Start using advanced video search.

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Advanced Video search interface concept.

Advanced Video Search

Search+ automatically analyzes every video frame-by-frame, identifying people, brands, audio, text, content categories, brand safety flags, and more. Activate and unlock the innate data in every video across your entire library.

A Visual Map of Your Video’s Content

Query across your entire video library by people, brands, transcripts, and on-screen text. Each search category is color-coded and broken out on your scroll bar so you can see all your search results in an instant.


Dive Straight to the Point

Dive Straight to the Point No more watching entire videos to find what you need. Our Advanced Video Search lets you leap to the exact scene with a simple query, bringing text-like transparency to your video experiences.

Perfect for professionals and students, this tool transforms how you interact with videos. It’s not just a video search engine; it’s about saving time and enhancing your video engagement, making every discovery quick and effortless.