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Drive engagement with AI-powered video players.

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Video: Pizzeria video analysis interface.

Play Your Way

AnyClip’s AI technology powers lightweight and customizable players on site, making for incredibly fast and frictionless viewing experiences. Select the player type that best suits your content, and embed it on your desired webpage with ease.

  • Intelligent Player
  • Live Player
  • Stories Player
  • Floating Player capabilities
  • Watch+

Read the Room with Intelligent Players

Leverage access to premium content, smart audience engagement tools, and monetization services with AnyClip’s Intelligent Player. Scan articles and inject contextually relevant videos to match the surrounding content on the page, or take over with manual curation. Automate ad placements and interactive video overlays to monetize content.


Eventize Your Livestreaming

Broadcast livestreams across your site with Live Players to generate excitement, bring in more viewers, and drive revenue. AnyClip Live Players also support ads and interactive overlays for additional monetization opportunities.

Extend Content with Stories Players

Convert your written content into relevant interactive video slideshows to boost readership and time on site with AnyClip’s Stories Player. Increase total page views with this exclusive, native video content experience.


Maximize Visibility with Floating Players

Enable the floating player capabilities to keep your video content constantly in view on the page. Enabled on all devices—desktop, mobile web (AMP), and mobile apps (in-app SDK).

More Ways to Leverage Video Players

Revamp the way content is presented and consumed with branded players, custom built to match your website’s aesthetic. Implement Watch+ pages to create a robust streaming experience complete with thematic channels. Use Engage+ for call-to-action overlays and shoppable links to increase site traffic, merchandise sales, event participation, and more.



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