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Live events are table stakes. Life After Live makes the standard event Genius.

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…And We’re Live!

Seamlessly broadcast a high-resolution live event by embedding our lightweight Intelligent Player on your site. Engage your audience with live chat. Then after the livestream, give your event Life After Live by distributing it to your own site or other owned media channels—all from one platform. Maximize the value and ROI of your live events by extending its reach and longevity. The show is never truly over.

Leverage Every Moment

Instantly transform your recording into smart video with automated tagging of every frame. Make it simple, fast, and easy to search in-video by person, brand, spoken or written word and more and continue to drive discovery across your event library.


Drive Revenue and Increase Engagement

Activate customized video overlays, calls-to-action and shoppable links to your live and recorded videos that drive everything from subscriptions and customer upgrades to lead generation and sponsor-added value. Promote interactivity with chat capabilities for live audiences. Leverage in-stream ad insertions for additional monetization, with both pre- and mid-roll for live and recorded events. Automate offers and campaigns for on-demand content with effortless targeting by topic and keyword.