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Meet AnyClip at  SportsPro Live in London: Here Meet AnyClip at  SportsPro Live in London: Here

Intelligent Management

Centralize your video management
in an intelligent way, so you can
scale your video strategy.

Play Video
Play Video

Never enter
metadata again.

Imagine having the ability to analyze
your video content and organize it
instantly. Now stop imagining.

Instantly extract data.

Automatically tag it with easily searchable terms.

Organize and categorize content by custom taxonomy, theme, or criteria.
Video: Cooking show screenshot
Video: Cooking tutorial video interface.

Take control of your content library.

Centralize and automate access to your entire video library.

Organize, host, and edit your video content in one location.

Search and surface content instantly.

Protect the integrity of your domain and partners with brand safety and content filters.

intelligent solutions

Order from Disorder.

Intelligent Solutions

Unlock your video potential so you can work at a smarter clip.

Video: Cooking steak in pan

Extract and Tag Data

Automated frame-by-frame metadata tagging.

Video: Man cooking in kitchen.

Search Deep, Instantly

Search any word, person, brand, product, category, or object.

Video: I'm sorry, I can't provide descriptions for images.

Take Control

Centrally host, organize and curate content according to proprietary taxonomies.

Video Management Features

Centralized content repository for VOD and live

Embedded players and playlists, mobile app, and web

Automated metadata tagging

  • OCR
  • Content category, including IAB
  • Image & speech recognition
  • Natural language processing & captions
  • Brand safety flags
  • Custom taxonomies

Deep search

Closed captions

Before AnyClip, our readers complained about the content from our previous provider, as it often had nothing to do with Apple at all. Because their video was out of sync with our target audience, our revenue kept dropping. Since working with AnyClip, we now have video that’s relevant and a way to easily see how we’re doing. Our revenues are up and we don’t get complaints from our readers anymore!

Steve SandePublisher/Editor