A Big Day for AnyClip

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Today is a big day for our company. Our team of world-class developers and machine learning scientists has completed more than two years of development of what we believe is the world’s best real-time AI-driven video content analysis engine.

Today we are proud to share Luminous with the world!

If an image is worth a thousand words, video is worth millions. There is no question that the world is transitioning to video, and digital video is everywhere. But we’re still blind.

AnyClip’s Luminous™  is glasses for content, enabling anyone to understand video content and context, and maximizing video assets for content owners and their buyers.

AnyClip’s Content Platform, which we released today, is driven by Luminous™. Because we have both a premium content library with endless clips and the glasses to see and understand these clips, we’re able to give publishers content that perfectly matches the context of each page on their sites. We’re also enabling a safer world of premium and contextually relevant content for advertisers.

Read the full announcement to learn more about AnyClip’s Content Platform.

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