LuminousX: Transforming Any Publisher into a Content Platform

By Ari Applbaum December 6, 2018

We sat down with Gil Becker, AnyClip’s President and CEO, to get the full story behind AnyClip’s new solution for Publishers.

Gil Becker

Gil, where did the idea for LuminousX come from?

“Over the years, we have worked with thousands of Publishers, helping them tackle their business challenges by harnessing innovative AI-driven content solutions. In 2018, many Publishers confessed that their biggest challenge has been competition with Social Media platforms.

Social platforms have essentially evolved from social networks to content networks, becoming less about staying in touch with friends and more about discovering content. This has naturally created double trouble for digital publishers:

Users flock towards social platforms where content is served fresh and fast, and advertisers faithfully follow the users, spending their budgets where the eyeballs are, and leaving digital Publishers with an increasingly shrinking share of the revenue pie.”

So, the idea came from the Publishers themselves?

Publishers presented the problem, and we diligently went back to the drawing board to create the most engaging solution we could come up with. One that would help digital Publishers adjust themselves to the changes in user behavior, and enable them to provide an engaging and dynamic video content experience. Today, we’re unveiling LuminousX.”

How does LuminousX work?

“The process starts with AnyClip’s huge content library. We have aggregated millions of clips from many dozens of content producers. And more importantly, we add thousands of fresh clips in every content category daily.

Using advanced video recognition and AI technology, we add a layer of data to each clip, breaking down the content into its fundamental components: including featured celebrities, brands, IAB category, sentiment, keywords, and Brand Safety status.

We use the data to automatically match the most relevant, recent clips to each page, in a way that perfectly matches its theme.”

It sounds like a great way to introduce users to relevant video. But where does engagement come in?

“This is something we’re actually quite proud of. Our new video unit includes a smart X-Ray-like feature, that visualizes the dominant people and brands found in the video in real time and invites (in a non-intrusive way) users to browse more clips and articles without even leaving the page.

This is a real game-changer in terms of user experience. Instead of limiting the user to the video that’s found on page (whether it was chosen by the editorial team or by a recommendation engine), we invite users to browse our video collection. We give them full access to an almost infinite library, and they can select the video content they are most interested in, just like they would on YouTube.”



How does this influence the ‘bottom line’ for Publishers?

“LuminousX was built with the bottom-line in mind. In fact, our partners have already reported an immediate and significant increase in time-on-page thanks to the engaging nature of the unit.

But the solution is much more than just a performance enhancer. LuminousX completely revolutionizes the way Publishers package and sell their video inventory too.

Here again, it’s all about content data. You see, thanks to the data layer we automatically produce for each clip, Publishers using LuminousX can benefit from contextual targeting. We automatically segment ad opportunities by content category, sentiment, brand, celebrity, and more. AnyClip then sells relevant opportunities to brands in real time via a designated marketplace.

Brands have already proved that they are willing to pay higher CPMs for contextually relevant placements. They like having this degree of control over where their ads appear. And we have already seen Publishers capitalize on this trend and win a 74% increase in CPM and more.

And when speaking of the bottom line, there’s also revenue diversification which publishers love. Besides higher CPMs, LuminousX also introduces a completely new revenue source by supporting a wide range on eCommerce integrations (with existing or new partners). In addition to inviting users to browse more articles and clips, the unit will also recognize and visualize retail opportunities such as game or show tickets, merchandise, and more.”

What about LuminousX is most appealing to Publishers?

“More than anything, Publishers are focused on creating and maintaining a loyal user base, one that uses their platform to consume content regularly. We believe that LuminousX will give our partners a competitive edge in this area exactly.

The combination of the visual ‘X-Ray’ effect with unlimited premium content invites our partners’ users to enjoy the ‘best of both worlds’: They can continue reading trusted editorial articles on their favorite websites, and also enjoy a Social-Media-like video experience without leaving the page.”

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