A Paradigm Shift for Advertisers: From Media Planning to Content Planning

Until today, advertisers couldn’t control where their ads run, ensure that ads appear near safe content, or target positive and relevant video content. AnyClip changes that by offering advertisers its exclusive Content Platform, a first-of-its-kind walled garden of safe, positive, and targeted premium video content at scale. Brands are now able to place ads adjacent to targeted and brand-safe premium content that is perfectly aligned with their brand sentiment and message on tens of thousands of safe websites, reaching tens of millions of consumers.

AnyClip’s disruptive LuminousTM engine tags, analyzes, and categorizes video content by official Internet Advertising Bureau (IAB) categories, sentiments, celebrities, brands, and more, while filtering out non-brand safe scenes. It then uses this data and content understanding to offer advertisers 100% safe, highly segmented packages of premium video content, allowing advertisers to move from media planning to content planning.

Benefits of Advertising on AnyClip’s Content Platform

  • Target Content at Scale
    Align brand message with content by targeting specific IAB categories such as travel or automotive, across thousands of sites connected to the Platform.
  • Leverage Premium Content
    Premium content from movie studios, broadcasters, and sports teams includes iconic scenes, celebrated athletes, and known celebrities.
  • Guarantee Brand Safety
    A proprietary AI-based brand safety filter analyzes every video frame and guarantees Brand Safety. Brand Safety levels and alert types are customized per advertiser.
  • Enjoy Safe Environment
    All websites admitted to the Content Platform are vetted, ensuring a 100% safe advertising environment.
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