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New Year, New Revenue

Written by Melissa Hart 1/14/2021August 5th, 2021

Of the many takeaways from the rollercoaster ride that was 2020, the importance of revenue diversification is one lesson many publishers learned the hard way during the spiky second and third quarters of last year. As demand rates and volumes waned, many publishers were dealt a hit to revenue from which they could not fully recover. Painful belt-tightening ensued.

What did many members of our industry learn in 2020? A healthy business cannot survive—let alone thrive—on traditional advertising revenue alone. Diversity in the types and sources of revenue is necessary to prevent a media company from over-leveraging itself to any one market, audience behavior or technology partner.

Finding the time and resources to develop and scale new business models can be difficult, by working with AnyClip technology, any media company has the tools necessary to launch new video revenue streams.

What could “new revenue” look like for your video business in the new year? Consider some of the possibilities:

  • Events: Sell tickets and attract sponsor support for virtual events, using AnyClip live streaming and video hub technology to host a valuable pre-, live- and post-show program.
  • eCommerce: Using AI-powered call-to-action buttons, integrate affiliate marketing partners into your video player experiences to capture commission revenue from featured merchants. Surface an interactive link to buy a featured product in real-time, automatically flagging partner links as brands, products or keywords are seen within your video.
  • Sponsorship: Build thematically-related playlists of content, or an entire video hub experience, for sponsors to align with and/or integrate into.
  • Syndication: License original video content to other publishers in the AnyClip universe and capture revenue as it’s consumed by viewers on partner domains.
  • Subscription: Curate premium content experiences that viewers will pay to access on either an on-going basis or for a one-time fee.
  • Branded Content:  Nest sponsors’ branded content videos within curated editorial playlists, or use AnyClip’s page-matching technologies to automatically pair sponsors’ branded content videos to relevant article page contexts for maximum relevance.

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