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Intelligent Video Marketing

Make your marketing and customer videos drive conversions.

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Target Your Marketing.

Match the perfect video to every page, platform, and audience.

Automatically organize videos based on analysis of brands, objects, people, spoken words, and text.

Match content to context – to choose the perfect video for each page.

Deliver your videos on your own site and through outside platforms like YouTube from one centralized location.
automated video marketing with ai
Video Marketing: Interactive running gear ad

Make content that drives conversions.

Use your video content to drive demand, with tools to help you move your product.

Harness your in-video content to drive your SEO.

Make video players “shoppable” to spark transactions.

Link specific points in videos to additional content or product pages.

Get the insights on which video content is working and why, while linking interactions to your CRM/marketing automation to segment and retarget your audience.

intelligent solutions

The intelligent marketing video.

Don’t let your marketing videos go to waste. Build engaging product pages, customer testimonials, self-help libraries and more.

Video: Red boots, autumn leaves

Work Smarter, Not Harder

Put the right video on the right page automatically, no manually digging necessary.

Video: Blurred scooter ride.

Captivate Your Audience

Deliver the video content your customers are looking for with every search.

Video: Hiking boots, rocky terrain.

Accelerate Your Funnel

Keep viewers engaged and moving along the customer journey.

Video Marketing Features

Automatic tagging

Advanced search

In-stream transaction buttons/CTA banners

Custom video display experiences

User insights and trends

Performance tracking

CRM and marketing integrations

AnyClip has been great to work with. Our rep and sales support staff has been fantastic with quick help as needed and always addressing issues. We're happy that we have real human beings to talk to, which was always a problem with YouTube.

Patrick O'BrienDirector of Digital AdOps, The NET Media Group