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Intelligent Analytics

Visualizing your success is easy with our centralized reporting and consolidated dashboards.


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Be a Know-It-All.

Leverage our real-time reporting tools to track and contextualize content performance for a clear-eyed look at your business.

Track video performance based on title, topic, channel, or keywords.

Understand which creative assets drive the strongest engagements.

Discover your most productive videos to inform future strategies.

Video: DIY Sanding Video Tutorial
Video: Overlayed financial graph, video player controls.

Prepare for a Marketing Diet without Cookies.

Turbocharge your contextual marketing power with unprecedented content data.

Surface the right content to the right audience on the right platform.

Leverage viewership metrics to drive your affinity content strategy.

Use real-time consumption data to effectively align advertising creative and messaging.

intelligent solutions

Clarity from chaos.

Video marketing is changing. Capturing and processing performance metrics are just the first step. Then it’s about putting that information to work.

Video: Person using a power tool.

Optimize Content Data

Use rich video data to hone in on what’s driving content performance (or not), and optimize accordingly.

Video: Person using power drill

Power Contextual Targeting

Leverage deep content data to align the right message with the right audience on the right platform.

Video: Woodworking, planing, carpentry tools.

Centralize Performance Data and Reporting

Stop chasing performance data and creating dashboards – get it delivered to you.

Video Analytics Features

Centralized Reporting

Custom & Consolidated Dashboards

Revenue & engagement tracking

Content & User Data

Strategic Insights