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AnyClip And Kenes Group Collaborate To Introduce The First AI-Driven Video Library For The Medical Industry

By June 29, 2023October 24th, 2023No Comments

New York, NY / Tel Aviv, Israel, June 29, 2023 AnyClip, The Visual Intelligence Company™ is excited to announce its partnership with Kenes Group, a renowned organizer of scientific and medical conferences, to introduce an innovative video library for the medical industry. This development marks a significant stride in the field of medical education, empowering healthcare professionals with easy, efficient, on-demand access to a wide spectrum of specialized knowledge through Kenes’ UNLOK platform—accessible from anywhere in the world.

This collaboration combines AnyClip’s innovative AI technology with UNLOK’s archives of medical videos, transforming them into an intelligent and highly searchable library for medical professionals. Data is automatically extracted, tagged and analyzed from all videos—including people, keywords, categories, topics, and more. This capability offers an unparalleled experience in which medical professionals can leverage ‘in-video search’ within any content, to surface information and answers within any frame, beyond just titles and descriptions.

Gil Becker, AnyClip’s President & CEO, elaborates on the innovative functionality: “By partnering with Kenes Group, we’re transforming the potential of data driven videos for the healthcare industry. In particular, we’re elevating the digital learning experience for medical professionals—including how information is consumed and how efficiency is achieved through automation. Not only can professionals surface anything that is heard or seen on the video, but it’s now possible to turn extensive medical lectures into digestible, executive summaries through AI-selected data. It is a game-changer for busy medical professionals, offering them a tool to rapidly obtain information without having to sift through hours of footage.”

By leveraging AnyClip’s video technology, content categorization is also automated, thereby facilitating easy navigation of the plethora of medical information available on the UNLOK platform, with ease. Additionally, automatic translations and subtitles are also available in over 100 languages, making this educational platform a pivotal resource for professionals around the globe. Furthermore, AnyClip’s AI has the unique ability to evaluate and learn from user interactions to power content recommendation—meaning valuable and relevant content is always served to the right audience. “Our technology is engineered to keep learning and adapting, ensuring that the content stays consistently relevant and valuable for our users,” adds Becker.

Audrey Alloul, Chief Digital Officer at Kenes Group, applauds the transformative potential of the partnership. “Our collaboration with AnyClip is driven by the understanding that medical professionals, often pressed for time, require efficient tools for knowledge and information retention. AnyClip’s solution offers a revolutionary capability where these professionals can find exact, relevant information within seconds.”

The UNLOK platform, currently boasting thousands of registered users, serves as a testament to the rapidly expanding portfolio of AnyClip’s AI technology. Specialties such as Autoimmunity, Diabetes, Neurology, and Hospital at Home are currently covered, with plans for future growth encompassing a wider range of medical disciplines.

The UNLOK platform, now powered by AnyClip’s expanding portfolio of AI applications, demonstrates a shared commitment with Kenes to enhance the digital learning experience for medical professionals. Going forward, AnyClip will continue to drive advancements in the field of education for the medical industry—to save professionals valuable time and maximize the potential of data-driven videos for knowledge sharing and dissemination.

About AnyClip
AnyClip is The Visual Intelligence Company™

AnyClip’s proprietary Visual Intelligence Technology is using AI to revolutionize how business does video — the most desired and prevalent form of communication. By instantly activating its innate data, AnyClip brings to video the power once reserved for text via transparency, interactivity and collaboration.

For customer-facing communications, Genius+™ is the AI-powered video management platform that converts traditional video into intelligent content that is fully enabled – searchable, measurable, personalized, merchandised and interactive. For internal communications, AnyClip’s GeniusWork™ is the first AI-powered internal communications platform for Business, featuring intelligent video hubs for knowledge sharing, collaboration and communication.

AnyClip is located in New York, Los Angeles, Tel Aviv, London, and Munich. In 2021, the company ranked No. 5 in New York, and 64 overall, on the Deloitte Technology Fast 500™ list of fastest-growing companies in North America. In 2022, AnyClip won the NAB Show Award for Product of the Year from the National Association of Broadcasters and was named to Aragon Research’s “Hot Vendors in Collaboration” list. AnyClip was most recently named a Finalist for Best Video Platform 2022 by Digiday and Streaming Media. For more information, please visit

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About Kenes Group
Founded in Tel Aviv in 1965, and headquartered in Geneva, Kenes Group is the only global PCO and AMC dedicated to medical and scientific events. The company boasts a team of over 350 professionals, in 18 locations on four continents, and more than 100 long-term clients. At Kenes, we’re passionate about delivering superior, world-class conferences. We harness the power of community, strengthening association brands through unforgettable experiences – fostering change, inspiring members, educating, and improving societies’ business performance. Over fifty years of knowledge and market expertise have led Kenes Group to the forefront of global association and conference management (AMC & PCO), as well as online continuous education. Kenes Group brings the accrued confidence that comes from hosting more than 4,200 conferences around the globe online and in-person, for over 220,000 participants a year.

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