Introducing The Luminous Recommendation Engine

The Luminous Recommendation Engine (LRE™) is a premium native video content and advertising unit for publishers that is powered by a smart recommendation engine. LRE™ compares video metadata with web page metadata, finds optimal matches, and automatically enriches any page with relevant premium video content from AnyClip’s Library. The engaging content is then monetized through relevant, non-intrusive, in-stream ads.

Increase User Engagement

Dramatically increase time-on-page and overall user engagement by allowing LRE™ to automatically recommend and insert the most relevant premium content for each page from AnyClip’s library of 600,000+ clips.

Additional LRETM Benefits

  • Enjoy Incremental Revenue
    Attract high CPMs from premium demand partners, better monetize your existing inventory, and create an additional revenue stream through a new video unit with premium content.
  • Monetize Your Content
    AnyClip analyzes, syndicates, and monetizes your content across thousands of additional brand-safe sites, generating a new revenue stream by expanding your reach.
  • Benefit from Content Insights
    AnyClip’s Luminous™ AI Content Analysis Engine automatically tags, analyzes, and categorizes your video content. Leverage the metadata produced by Luminous™ to better understand and make use of your video library, improving efficiency, search, editing, content discovery, and analytics. 

Content Showreel

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