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Webinar On-Demand: Transforming Video Into Business Knowledge

Join us for a discussion of the techniques and technologies that enable enterprises to squeeze more value from video in the workplace.

Even as video has emerged as a dominant medium for facilitating communications between far-flung work colleagues, it remains a largely underutilized asset on the corporate network. That is beginning to change, though, with the introduction of technical capabilities that squeeze more value from video by treating it as a new type of data that serves as a vibrant, searchable storehouse of institutional knowledge. Organizations that implement solutions imbued with artificial intelligence capabilities now are able to search, manage and manipulate information embedded in video as easily as traditional search engines comb through text-based content.

The implications of enhanced video search are massive. Every video meeting becomes a reference source for knowledge workers. Every video recorded by your organization’s experts becomes a searchable trove of insight that can be shared with any worker. Along the way, organizations can develop massive archives of relevant information that can streamline operations and enhance productivity.

Register for this free webinar, featuring presenters from AnyClip and Wainhouse Research, to develop a better understanding of how – and why – your organization should be leveraging this new class of “smart video” to help your organization to compete more effectively in today’s marketplace.

• Develop a better understanding of how and why corporate video archives are growing in size
• Learn about the burgeoning set of productive uses for on-demand video in the enterprise
• Identify the specific benefits that can result from expanded adoption of video archives
• Better recognize the technologies required to convert video content into corporate knowledge



Steve Vonder Haar – Senior Analyst, Wainhouse Research

Roni Anavi-Fass – Chief Product Officer

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