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Each of AnyClip's video management tools are powered by the Luminous™ AI Engine, which uses patented technology to analyze, tag, and categorize more data about a video's content than any other service.

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    • Analyze video content frame-by-frame, in real-time
    • Tag and search content
    • Curate playlists
    • Store, stream, and access videos
    • Publish content across platforms
    • Direct content strategies by predicting video content performance
    • Analyze trends and engagement patterns
    • Track campaign reporting and optimize in real-time
    • Visualize revenue impact
    • Premium video player made better with your content data
    • Luminous™ page and video content matching
    • In-player content recommendation and recirculation
    • Video hub page experience driven by AI & BI backbone
    • Target campaigns by content data, using IAB standard taxonomies, and others
    • Control brand safety
    • Plan and manage campaigns
    • Source unique demand
    • eCommerce integration

Luminous™: The better data difference

Luminous™ is the video data platform that analyzes and scans a video’s image and audio content frame-by-frame in real-time, creating an instant, searchable dataset associated with each file.

What can Luminous™ analysis detect?

  • Audio or visual keywords of objects, scenes, and actions
  • Language
  • People
  • Brands
  • Transcription of text in images
  • OCR data

Get actionable data you can use

Unlike other “video intelligence” services, Luminous then makes this data actionable by sorting it into categories and taxonomies that matter specifically to media companies and marketers, such as:

  • IAB advertising categories (e.g. “travel”)
  • 15+ brand safety categories
  • Sentiment
  • Unique taxonomies proprietary to an individual media organization

Find out how better video content data can simplify the workflow of your video strategy

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