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Each of AnyClip's video management tools are powered by the Luminous™ AI Engine, which uses patented technology to analyze, tag and categorize more data about a video's content than any other service.

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    • Analyze video content frame-by-frame, in real-time
    • Tag and search content
    • Curate playlists
    • Store, stream and access videos
    • Publish content across platforms

    • Direct content strategies by predicting video content performance
    • Analyze trends and engagement patterns
    • Track campaign reporting and optimize in real-time
    • Visualize revenue impact

    • Premium video player made better with your content data
    • Luminous™ page and video content matching.
    • In-player content recommendation and recirculation
    • Video hub page experience driven by AI & BI backbone

    • Target campaigns by content data, using IAB standard taxonomies, and others
    • Control brand safety
    • Plan and manage campaigns
    • Source unique demand
    • eCommerce integration

Find out how better video content data can simplify the workflow of your video strategy

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The difference of better Data: The Luminous™ Video Data Platform

Luminous™ analysis scans a video’s image and audio content frame-by-frame in real-time, creating an instant, searchable dataset associated with each file.

What can Luminous™ analysis detect?

  • Audio or visual keywords of objects, scenes and actions
  • Language
  • People
  • Brands
  • Transcription of text in images
  • OCR data

Unlike other “video intelligence” services, Luminous then makes this data actionable by sorting it into categories and taxonomies that matter specifically to media companies and marketers, such as:

  • IAB advertising categories (e.g. “travel”)
  • 15+ brand safety categories
  • Sentiment
  • Unique taxonomies proprietary to an individual media organization

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