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AI Video Management: A Better Way to Manage Your Zoom Recordings

Written by Rebecca Rozakis 2/2/2022December 5th, 2023

You clicked “End Call for All Participants.” The Zoom meeting finished recording. Now what?

If you’re like a lot of us, that recording will now join all the other recordings in the pile in your Zoom account. It might have an enlightening name like “Weekly Status Meeting” or “1-21-22 12:55:33”. There’s a ton of useful information in it (you hit “record” for a reason!) but no one will ever, ever actually watch it again. Instead, it will sit there unloved until the growing Zoom storage bill prompts your admin to beg everyone to delete their unused recordings.

Zoom is a fantastic meeting tool, but it’s not designed with long term storage or reusability in mind. Recordings are siloed with their meeting hosts. Very little in the way of organization tools exist. Search is almost impossible if you can’t remember the date and name of the meeting the information came up in.

There’s a better way.

Using a Video Management Platform for Internal Communications for Zoom Recording Management

The first step is getting your videos out of everyone’s individual Zoom accounts and into an enterprise video platform. You get a couple quick benefits.

  • Better storage. An enterprise video platform like AnyClip offers secure, efficient storage. 
  • Better management. It’s much easier to manage video in a platform purpose-built for that. Centralizing videos will help everyone access what they need without digging. From following retention regulations for compliance rules to getting useful analytics on which recordings are most popular with your employees, you’ll have the transparency and tools to effectively manage your recordings.
  • Better organization. Instead of having videos arbitrarily live with whoever set up the meeting, you can easily organize things into channels. Sales managers can stay up to date on the pipeline with the sales call recording channel. Product team meetings are all in one place. Build an organizational structure that works for your company.
  • Better access. Access control lets you designate who can see a video: just the owner, a specific group of people, the entire company. A good internal communications solution makes it easy to share videos with the people–and only the people–who need access to them..

Intelligence: The Key to Better Search

Let’s be realistic – almost no one is going to fill out an elaborate description of what just happened in the meeting so they can remember the contents of a video a few weeks from now. It needs to happen automatically.

By uploading the video from Zoom to an AI-driven video platform like AnyClip, your meeting recordings automatically get captioned. That’s when the magic happens. Now you can search across all your meetings for the key phrases you’re looking for, or the meeting attendees you remember being there. 

Do you remember that someone spoke a couple weeks ago about a new initiative? Search the name of the initiative, and now you can find not only the correct video, but you can jump straight to the point in the recording where it first came up. No need to waste time watching the 20 minutes before.

Do More with Your Recordings

Recordings aren’t just valuable on their own. Once you’ve got them in an internal communications video platform, you can make them more powerful tools for communication, collaboration, and learning.

For example, say you’ve just finished doing a live training session. The recording alone can be watched over and over, both as a review for the participants and a way to get caught up for anyone who missed the session. But if you can add interactive elements, you can enrich the recording to turn it into a powerful learning experience. Link documentation or even additional videos to the points in a video where they’re most relevant. Add a form, whether to quiz learners’ knowledge or take a poll on what topics your next video should be about. 

Meetings recordings can become a way to collaborate asynchronously. Sharing and commenting within the video allow people to weigh in, even after a meeting is over. 

The value of a Zoom meeting doesn’t have to end when the call is over. They can become a way to keep conversations moving and provide information that’s easy to search for and surface long after the call is over.

Ready to Take Your Zoom Management to the Next Level?

Thinking about the long potential life of your VOD is the best way to get the full value out of your Zoom investment. Especially as workplaces are increasingly remote, enabling employees to share and collaborate asynchronously and easily surface information from their colleagues will be critical to keeping teams working smoothly.

Looking for a video platform to manage your growing Zoom content? AnyClip offers a market-leading AI-driven video management solution. Analyze every call uploaded, extracting the relevant information within each recording. AnyClip makes it easy to organize and surface the right recordings to the right audience, instantly.

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