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search and AnyClip – Taking Control of Your Content with AI

Written by Gil Becker 8/16/2021December 5th, 2023

Businesses are managing more content on a daily basis than ever before. Processing and organizing that content can feel overwhelming and insurmountable, especially when done manually. But AI can make sense of it all. AnyClip has introduced the Visual Intelligence™ Platform—the first fully automated video management platform for Business, Media and Publishing. And now we’re thrilled to be collaborating with, the leader in text-based natural language solutions. Together, we’re a full stack solution for your natural language and video management needs so you can streamline processes, maximize ROI and gain powerful insight into your most valuable assets. 

AnyClip’s proprietary Visual Intelligence Technology converts latent video libraries into high performance assets that can be easily searched, measured and merchandised. 

With AnyClip’s Visual Intelligence Platform, you can: 

  • Centralize your entire video library in a single repository
  • Automatically enrich your video with robust metadata (surfacing people, objects, brands, spoken language, text and sentiment, frame-by-frame), allowing for deep in-video search and supporting easy access to content for both internal and external customers
  • Organize your content with custom taxonomies 
  • Activate platform recommendation engines to surface the most contextually relevant content
  • Monitor video performance with centralized analytics and performance KPIs
  • Distribute your content to external sites and socials—or your own domains—with compelling players and streaming formats
  • Use your video to drive transaction, engagement or audience growth with in-video shoppable links

As you can see, AnyClip’s tools are peerless when it comes to harnessing the power of  video. But text is just as central to any businesses’ operations—think of the unindexed memos, contracts, reports, briefs, forms, etc. That’s where comes in. 

As a leader in natural language solutions, understands text on the same deep level that AnyClip understands video. Its NL Platform offers robust out-of-the-box natural language processing (NLP) and natural language understanding (NLP).’s powerful technology can, among other things: 

  • extract entities from any text-based document (names, places, people, etc.)
  • identify relationships between those entities
  • generate rich metadata
  • automatically tag and classify diverse forms of content
  • analyze sentiments, emotions, opinions, and more
  • create knowledge graph visualizations of text data can also comprehend grammar and syntax and identify over 400,000 concepts. If your business is drowning in paperwork or textual data, is the ideal solution to provide deeper insight into what you’re working with. 

Crucially, no special technical training is required to make the most out of either solutions. While both run on highly advanced technology, they are designed to be used by non-experts. Plus, both AnyClip and’s APIs are fully integrable with other applications, including CRMs,  Digital Asset Management (DAMs) and Media Asset Managements (MAMs). 

AnyClip and are a powerful duo shaping the future of AI. When it comes to organizing, activating and maximizing vast flows of content, they’re a natural pair and a potent  combination. 

Are you ready to realize the full potential of your language and video data with these  powerhouse technologies?

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