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Hot Ideas for How Publishers Can Add Interactivity to Your Content

Written by Rebecca Rozakis 12/9/2021December 5th, 2023

If you’re trying to boost engagement, there’s only one thing better than video: interactive video. AnyClip’s immersive X-ray overlay technology is using AI to change what’s possible in the interactive video space. Want some inspiration on how to use interactivity to make your content more effective? See below.

1. The ‘Buy Now’ button

AnyClip knows exactly what’s in your content library: every object, every person, every word—spoken or otherwise—is auto-tagged and put to maximal use. What that means is that when a product pops on-screen—a purse, a car, a blender—our technology can instantly float a ‘Buy Now’ button, turning any video into a “shoppable” interactive experience. The moment a viewer thinks, “huh, that’s a cool t-shirt,” they’ll have the chance to snag one for themselves.

2. Contextual targeting

For videos that don’t prominently feature specific brands, our X-ray overlay can run ads connected to their topic. A video about bike safety, say, might feature an ad for a helmet; or a video about Nordic cuisine might feature an overlay ad for a virtual Nordic cooking class. Instead of raiding a user’s web history, as cookies do, our approach targets viewers contextually, based on what they’re doing at that exact moment.

3. Audience retention

X-ray overlay is useful for much more than just advertising. Let’s say someone’s watching one of your videos—about Vervet monkeys, or earthquakes, or antique wicker chairs. Let’s say, also, that you’ve produced tons of other great Vervet monkey/earthquake/wicker chair content. With our X-ray overlay, viewers will be prompted to check that content out—which means more time on-site, increased brand awareness, and a higher likelihood of a return visit.

4. Automated livestream enhancement

Among the most frustrating experiences, for the livestream viewer, is having no clue who’s talking at any given moment. Our X-ray overlay elegantly solves  this problem by surfacing relevant info (LinkedIn page, bio, etc.) for the speakers of a session. Alternatively, pair your session with additional collateral on the topic, like a whitepaper. Don’t let a captive audience go to waste!. 

5. Sponsor perks

Our x-ray overlay also happens to be ideal for sponsorship packages. Sponsors can feel fully integrated into the overall event, either with an interactive overlay during live sessions or with ads for their website  automatically appearing across VOD content whenever their name is mentioned by a speaker. There’s even ample opportunity for pre-roll insertion all across a given conference’s video page.  

Nothing compels engagement like interactivity. AnyClip’s Visual Intelligence effortlessly deploys interactive overlays at precisely the right moment—automating what used to be a manual task. Why not enhance your video with some interactivity today?

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