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Captivating Video Engagement: 24X Increase for VentureBeat

Written by Rebecca Rozakis 9/24/2020December 14th, 2023

VentureBeat’s recent collaboration with AnyClip represents a groundbreaking advancement in the realm of video engagement. Their joint effort for Transform 2020 not only leveraged the cutting-edge capabilities of AnyClip’s Genius Video Platform but also resulted in an unprecedented 24X surge in viewership.

This success story serves as a testament to the transformative power of innovative video technology in captivating and retaining digital audiences.

Video: Event video streaming platform.

Image: A holistic distribution strategy underpinned by a central event video hub helped VentureBeat to increase video engagement for Transform 2020 by 24X vs their most recent virtual event execution.


Video Engagement Strategy Unveiled

To realize these impressive results, VentureBeat and AnyClip implemented a multi-faceted video engagement strategy. This involved:

  1. Live Streaming with Instant Archiving: VentureBeat harnessed AnyClip’s Genius Platform for real-time streaming of sessions across their digital platforms. Post-event, these sessions were instantly archived, tagged, and categorized using AnyClip’s advanced AI, ensuring seamless access and enhanced viewer experience.
  2. Accessible Video Hub for Long-Tail Engagement: The post-event phase saw the deployment of a user-friendly video hub, powered by AnyClip’s Luminous Watch technology. This platform played a pivotal role in maintaining engagement post-event, catering to the diverse interests of the AI tech community through well-organized content and advanced search tools.
  3. AI-Driven Content Recommendations for Enhanced Engagement: Employing AnyClip’s natural language processing (NLP) technology, the system adeptly matched conference videos with relevant articles on VentureBeat’s site. This strategic use of AI-driven recommendations significantly amplified user engagement with the content.
  4. Interactive Engagement Features for Viewer and Sponsor Benefits: AnyClip’s interactive ‘Xray’ feature within the video player UI not only enriched the viewing experience but also strategically promoted sponsors. This approach offered a dual advantage – heightened user interaction and increased sponsor visibility.
  5. Diversified Revenue Streams through Strategic Sponsorships: The innovative approach to sponsorships, including integrated graphic sponsorships and pre-roll advertising, maximized revenue opportunities. This strategy not only elevated brand visibility but also fostered deeper interactions between the audience and sponsors.
Video Engagement: Web traffic analysis graph.

Image: A multi-faceted distribution strategy, powered by AnyClip’s Luminous Video Platform technology, grew pre-show, live stream and long-tail audience for Transform 2020, adding value for viewers and sponsors alike.

Results and Impact

The partnership yielded groundbreaking results, with a 24-fold increase in viewership compared to VentureBeat’s previous virtual event. This success wasn’t just in numbers; audience engagement with Transform 2020’s content saw a 161% increase, attributing to the effectiveness of AnyClip’s AI recommendation and interactivity features.

Moreover, the post-event life of the content significantly contributed to its long-term value.

Video: Video Hub Interface Screenshot

Image of video engagement metrics: Transform 2020 engagement features leveraged AnyClip’s Genius Video Platform AI to enhance engagement for viewers while boosting exposure and conversion opportunity for sponsors.


“We’re proud that, in partnership with AnyClip, we were able to host a virtual event that will not only gave us extreme engagement lift during the event but continues to engage our audience over time. ” said Lauren O’Brien, COO, VentureBeat & VB Transform.

“As digital experiences become a critical complement to — and evolution of — our event executions, we’re thrilled to work with a video technology partner that helps us to deliver a valuable conference experience, whether it occurs in the real or a virtual one.

Our partnership with AnyClip is critical to our long-tail content engagement strategy and will help us continue to keep and expand our executive B2B executive community.”

“While virtual events may be a necessity during the COVID-19 pandemic, their popularity ensures they will become a mainstay. For event hosts, this is a seismic shift that calls for new solutions and experiences that will allow these events’ full value to be realized.

This execution with VentureBeat is proof that a holistic video strategy is a powerful way to achieve that, offering the ability to engage with audiences before, during and after the event while also maximizing the benefit for sponsors,” said Gil Becker, CEO of AnyClip.

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