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Case Study: AnyClip Video Platform Drives Audience Growth & Engagement, Maximizes Virtual Event Value for VentureBeat’s VB Transform

Written by Rebecca Rozakis 9/24/2020November 30th, 2023

Post-event analysis shows holistic video distribution strategy coupled with long-tail VOD hub increased Transform audience 24X vs VentureBeat’s most recent virtual event execution, raising value for attendees and sponsors alike.

Today, we announced the results of a successful technology partnership with VentureBeat, in which a holistic video distribution strategy, powered by AnyClip’s Luminous Video Platform, increased the virtual event audience for VentureBeat’s Transform 2020 Conference by 24X, earlier this summer.

Video: Event video streaming platform.

Image: A holistic distribution strategy underpinned by a central event video hub helped VentureBeat to increase viewership for Transform 2020 by 24X vs their most recent virtual event execution.

To achieve these goals, VentureBeat turned to AnyClip’s Luminous Platform to power a holistic video distribution strategy, expanding on an existing editorial video partnership between the two companies.  This strategy encompassed five primary elements:

  • First, during the event, sessions were live streamed via AnyClip’s Luminous Platform players appearing across VentureBeat’s website. As each session concluded, the content was ingested into AnyClip’s Luminous Platform, where the technology’s AI backbone automatically tagged, aggregated and organized the video into categories.
  • Second, immediately after tagging, Transform content was distributed to a user-friendly video hub page, which was powered by AnyClip’s Luminous Watch technology.  Through this always-on resource, designed to serve the long-tail interests of the AI tech community, content data automatically populated conference event videos into channels and playlists and activated advanced video search tools that made it easy for viewers to find and rewatch Transform sessions at any time.
  • Third, in the days of and immediately following the conference, VentureBeat used AnyClip’s AI-driven editorial recommendation player to surface conference content to audiences across their site.  Using video content data paired with AnyClip’s natural language processing (NLP) technology, players automatically matched the most relevant Transform conference videos to their surrounding article page contexts, enhancing interest and engagement for this content for VentureBeat readers.
  • Fourth, VentureBeat utilized AnyClip’s data-powered engagement features to enhance Conference video experiences and lift exposure and conversion opportunities for sponsoring brands.  Through an interactive “Xray” call-to-action overlay appearing within the video player UI, VentureBeat automatically promoted links to read more about featured speakers and sponsoring brands as these brands, products, people, keywords, or topics were featured within streaming video content.
  • Finally, VentureBeat maximized Transform 2020’s revenue opportunity through a mix of integrated graphic sponsorships, branded content amplification and pre-roll advertising opportunities that delivered visibility, alignment and interaction for the event’s brand partners, at scale.
Video: Web traffic analysis graph.

Image: A multi-faceted distribution strategy, powered by AnyClip’s Luminous Video Platform technology, grew pre-show, live stream and long-tail audience for Transform 2020, adding value for viewers and sponsors alike.

As a result of an innovative and multifaceted distribution strategy, VentureBeat and AnyClip’s partnership delivered strong outcomes, raising the value of the Transform 2020 event presentation for viewers and sponsors alike. Within five days of the event, VentureBeat realized massive audience results, with unique viewers exceeding those of their prior virtual event, GamesBeat (hosted in April, 2020), by 24X and achieving a new record in viewership for the Transform event franchise. Additionally, the video replays on the event’s video hub more than doubled the number of live/same day streams, giving the content a valuable “life after live.”

Assisted by AnyClip’s AI content recommendation technology and interactive features, audience engagement with Transform 2020 content was also successful, lifting VentureBeat’s video content engagement rates 161% vs the previous month. Through these same features, VentureBeat also delivered value for sponsors, sparking audience engagement, promoting visibility and yielding ample opportunity for pre-roll ad insertions adjacent to streaming Conference content.

Video: Video Hub Interface Screenshot

Image: Transform 2020 engagement features leveraged AnyClip’s Luminous Video Platform AI to enhance interactivity for viewers while boosting exposure and conversion opportunity for sponsors.

“We’re proud that, in partnership with AnyClip, we were able to host a virtual event that will not only gave us extreme engagement lift during the event but continues to engage our audience over time. ” said Lauren O’Brien, COO, VentureBeat & VB Transform. “As digital experiences become a critical complement to — and evolution of — our event executions, we’re thrilled to work with a video technology partner that helps us to deliver a valuable conference experience, whether it occurs in the real or a virtual one. Our partnership with AnyClip is critical to our long-tail content engagement strategy and will help us continue to keep and expand our executive B2B executive community.”

“While virtual events may be a necessity during the COVID-19 pandemic, their popularity ensures they will become a mainstay. For event hosts, this is a seismic shift that calls for new solutions and experiences that will allow these events’ full value to be realized. This execution with VentureBeat is proof that a holistic video strategy is a powerful way to achieve that, offering the ability to engage with audiences before, during and after the event while also maximizing the benefit for sponsors,” said Gil Becker, CEO of AnyClip.

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